Go Melaka Food Gift Box
Go Melaka Food Gift Box

Go Melaka Food Gift Box

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How long have you not brought your parents to travel during global pandemic covid-19?

Now that travelling is restricted due to travel ban, fret not, Go Melaka with iElder! You can still reminisce and try cooking the laksa with your parents using “Melaka’s special Donald & Lily’s Nyonya Laksa Paste”.

Go Melaka! Authentic Melaka Travel gifts for your parents.

“In fact, 22% of travelers surveyed said a vacation would improve mental health and act as self-care.” https://www.businessinsider.com/vrbo-family-travel-trends-popular-vacation-rentals-ck.

Now you can experience Melaka Originals and Show you care for the psychological well-being of your loved ones with Go Melaka Box!

This package includes: 
1. Calanthe Malaysia 13 States Coffee Premium Box (13 sachets)
2. Anywhere Door Onde-Onde Gems (16 Pieces)
3. Pak Man Melaka Asam Pedas Paste 200 gram per Bottle (Halal Certified)
4. Martin's Salted Fish Pickle Paste @ The Bendahari (250ml)
5. Donald & Lily Melaka Nyonya Laksa Rempah 225 gram (Halal Certified)
6. Melaka Cultural Map
7. Personalized gift card

This gift package comes in a Carton Box packaging.