Power Wheelchair Cushion - Asian Integrated Medical Sdn Bhd (ielder.asia)
Power Wheelchair Cushion - Asian Integrated Medical Sdn Bhd (ielder.asia)
Power Wheelchair Cushion - Asian Integrated Medical Sdn Bhd (ielder.asia)
Power Wheelchair Cushion - Asian Integrated Medical Sdn Bhd (ielder.asia)

Power Wheelchair Cushion

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Why you should consider Power Mat?

Especially for Elderly, Incontinent, Bedridden, disabled patient will spend more time on bed, chair or wheelchair.

Traditional mattress and cushion if use it for longer period due to sweat, pus, urine will have the following issues:-

  • Dust Mites and mold cause mite allergy (Humidity and heat associated with traditional mattresses are a breeding ground for Mold and Dust Mites)
  • Decubites
  • Eczeme
  • Smelly
  • Stain
  • Heat rashes cause of hot and wet (the back gets too hot)
  • Wonder at Cancer causing - EMF Resonance of inner springs
  • Sudden Excretions such as Sweat, Urine, Pus, or Blood are embarrassing.
  • Hard to move and difficult to dispose (Questionable reprocess an used cored)
  • One’s skin increases the humidity and hinders air ventilation!

Using our innovative cushion core design, product delivers maximum comfort, durability, practicality & great value.

Quick dry

  • Full body support from regular mono-filament structure ensures restful sleep. Soft texture giving maximum comfort.
  • Quick drying makes it a highly practical option when compared to alternatives.
  • Reel pack and flexible makes for easy handling, transportation and non-creasing.

Perspiration repellent

Breathable porous structure increases hygienic and cooling properties 

Washable and easy clean
  • Washable providing easy and cost effective hygienic care ideal for medical and high intensity usage.
  • just Spray water / air or Vacuum Cleaner, also Vapor Cleaner.

Hygiene and no stuffy

Delivering the perfect combination of comfort, practicality, hygiene and value.

Easy handle

It’s reel pack and compact core structure makes it easy to handle and portable, ideal for all situations.   

Innovative high-spec construction gives the Power Mattress core excellent elasticity and un-rivalled non-crease properties even after rolling and bending. The Power Mattress returns to its original shape time after time.


Now there is an easy handle mattress which does not compromise on comfort. 

Eco friendly and recycle (Ecology)

  • Eco-friendly, long lifespan properties.

Material: Polymer Elastic Compound

Country of Origin: Taiwan


Material: Polymer elastic (under EC Reach safe standard)
Filament: Regular monofilament
Construction: Well‐distributed
Density Adjustable 
Filament Dia.:
Thick or Thin, 0.5mm; 1.0mm; 2.7mm or more 
Thickness: 1~30 cm
Surface: Flat & Loops
; double flat side
Folding: Stays flat surface
Expandability: Potential

Power Mattress features

  • Memorable, refreshing sensations in the morning.
  • Uses less air condition in summer and conserves energy.
  • Non‐absorbent, washable, sunbathing, rinse if required.
  • Steam sanitized, if demanded
  • Relief from heat, humidity, bedsore...etc.
  • Suitable for cold, hot, dry, or wet environment.
  • Stays clean, hygienic, comfortable, dry, cool and ventilating.
  • Mites and mold‐resistant bed cores. (polymer material)
  • Special features can be added.
  • Dignity for: long‐term bed‐ridden patients, disabled patients, incontinent patients, the elderly and children.