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Rental for Syringe Pump TOP-5300

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A standard syringe pump for an age of routine pump use.
  • The range in flow rate settings has been expanded even further .
  • Plus visual confirmation of the pump status is now easier enabling more effective use in the ICU, the operating roiom and on hospital wards in general
  • Greater Range in flow rate settings
  • Compatible with other makes of syringes
  • Continous monitor plunger
  • Occlsuion detecting pressure alaram is adjustable
  • Non-Alarm Buzzers can be silenced
  • Retains Flow Rate and Total infusion Volume settings
  • Power source change alarm
  • Computer intergration system
  • External DC power compatible
  • Battery replacment is easy
  • Electromagentic compatibility (EMC standards)
  • Disposable syringes in normal sizes of 10,20,30, and 50/60ml can be used.
  • A wide range of infusion rates is supported (Max. 1500mL/h for 50mL syringe)

Syringe Pump TOP-5300


Rental = RM400 per month

Deposit = RM200 (we will refund deposit after technical do the QC check).


The price subject to change upon prior notice.

Handling charge and delivery charge is based on the case with advance notice.

Kindly call/whatsapp us at before placing order.

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