iElder 58th Malaysia Day Promotion

Celebrate Malaysia Day with a 10% discount on our entire Eyup Sabri Tuncer Collection!

Keep your hands germ-free and protected, with a lovely scent to go with.

Created with ingredients that are gentle to the skin but effective against microbes, this ethanol- based hand sanitizer cleans, moisturizes, and kills 99.9% germs.

The Eyub Sabri Tuncer collection sanitizers smell amazing, are aroma-therapeutic and comes in five different fragrances. Moisturize and protect your skin with the woody and warm scents of lemon, cherry blossom, olive, ocean, and white tea varieties that leave you calm, energized, and refreshed.

Ideal as a gift the cologne cum hand sanitizers come in a set of 5 packs -a perfect gift alternative for your loved ones while allowing you to remember special moments.

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