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Olivia presented at Forum Inspiring Inclusion

Olivia presented at Forum Inspiring Inclusion

🌟In conjunction with International Women’s Day, and in collaboration with the National Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Malaysia (NAWEM), let’s delve into a Forum with Expert Panelist who will discuss on how different stakeholders inspire women's inclusion in Leadership, Strategy & Decision Making, and Creativity.🌟

Key highlights:
🔍 Evolution of Women's Inclusion: Over the past decade, there's been significant progress in women's inclusion in the industry landscape.
🚀 Critical Support for Leadership: Women need crucial support systems to propel them into leadership positions today.
💡 Government and Societal Role: Strategies are needed from both government and society to boost women's participation in the economy.


1) What are your general views of the inclusion or exclusion of women today in your industry versus 10-20yrs ago?

In my industry, which focuses on silver care or elderly care, encompassing GP clinics, TCM and acupuncture centre, senior nursing homes, and medical product distribution, the landscape has shifted over the past decade or two.

Previously, women primarily fulfilled the role of full-time homemakers, tending to children and elderly relatives, while men typically concentrated on earning income for the household. Caregiving roles predominantly fell upon women during this period.

Nowadays, both women and men are actively engaged in the workforce, fostering a more career-oriented and business-minded approach. They will send their children to daycare facilities and options for the elderly such as day care or nursing home.

There has been a surge in demand for caregiving services, resulting in a significant shortage of manpower within the caregiving industry. Additionally, the expertise of trained nurses in Malaysia is highly valued internationally, with countries like Singapore and those in the Middle East actively hire Malaysian nurses to work there. 

To sum up, things have changed a lot in how men and women are involved in taking care of the elderly. It used to be mostly women doing caregiving, but now both men and women work outside the home. This means there's more demand for caregiving services, but not enough people to do the job. Also, Malaysian nurses are highly valued abroad. So, it's important for the industry to keep up with these changes and invest in meeting the growing need for elderly care.

2) What support do women require to step up to be leaders today?

In many countries, there are more women enrolling in universities than men. This has been happening for a while now.

here are some suggestions on the help and support women may need to become leaders today:

Mentorship Programs: Establish mentorship programs where experienced female leaders can provide guidance, advice, and support to aspiring women leaders. These programs can help women navigate their career paths, overcome challenges, and develop necessary skills for leadership roles.

Leadership Training: Offer training programs specifically tailored to women that focus on leadership skills, communication, negotiation, and confidence-building. Providing access to such training can empower women to take on leadership roles with more confidence and competence.

Networking Opportunities: Create networking events and platforms where women can connect with other professionals, exchange ideas, and build relationships with potential mentors and sponsors. Networking can play a crucial role in advancing women's careers and opening doors to leadership opportunities. 

NAWEM provides an excellent platform for women entrepreneurs to network and enhance their leadership abilities.

Flexible Work Policies: Implement flexible work arrangements, such as remote work options, flexible hours, and parental leave policies, to support women in balancing their professional and personal responsibilities. Flexible work policies can help women stay engaged in their careers and progress into leadership roles without sacrificing family commitments.

Advocacy and Recognition: Advocate for gender diversity and inclusion in leadership positions within organizations. Recognize and celebrate the achievements of women leaders, and actively promote their visibility and contributions to inspire other women to pursue leadership roles.

Equal Opportunities and Pay: Ensure equal opportunities for career advancement and promotion regardless of gender. Implement fair and transparent hiring and promotion processes, and address gender pay gaps to create a level playing field for women to excel and thrive as leaders.

Support for Returning to Work: Provide support programs for women who have taken career breaks, such as maternity leave or caregiving responsibilities, to help them reintegrate into the workforce smoothly. Offering returnship programs, flexible reentry options, and skills refreshers can facilitate their transition back into leadership roles.

Empowerment and Confidence Building: Foster a culture that promotes women's empowerment and self-confidence. Offer workshops, seminars, and resources focused on personal development, self-esteem, and leadership empowerment to help women overcome imposter syndrome and other barriers to leadership.

By implementing these suggestions and providing comprehensive support, organizations can empower women to overcome barriers and achieve their full potential as leaders in today's world.

3) Do you think that women should play a more active role in strategy and decision making?

Yes, it is important. 
Both men and women are good at making plans and decisions, but women often pay more attention to details and precision, which can be really helpful when making choices.

4) How do you think women can contribute to creativity and innovation?

 Yes, can. More incentive and training support to women focusing on new invention and innovate existing products. 

5) What in your opinion is one thing that the govt and society do to enhance the involvement of women in the economy

Some women take unpaid leave or become full-time homemakers after having a baby and want to return to work after a few years. When they try to go back to work, they might face challenges because they've been out of touch with the industry. It's important to have incentive programs for companies to hire women who want to return to work.

We also see that some women who retire want to work part-time or freelance or become trainers in their field.

The 30% Club Malaysia is working to ensure that at least 30% of board members in companies listed on Bursa Malaysia are women. This is a positive step supported by the Malaysian government.

SMECorp and government agencies also offer special grants for companies owned by women. However, many women in rural areas may need additional support to start their own businesses.

6) Any parting advice to all the women in Malaysia to be more included in all aspects of livelihood?

 Women generally tend to be more reserved. When offered opportunities to move up in their careers, like becoming a manager or CEO, they often say no more often than men. For example, if a company needs a new CEO, they might suggest a woman, but she might say no because she's not confident enough. I think women should say yes to these opportunities, even if they're scared. Taking risks and being ready for failure are important.

Taking calcalated risks and persevering through challenges are the guiding principles I follow in running a successful business.


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