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My Awesome Hydrotherapy Spa Experience

My Awesome Hydrotherapy Spa Experience


When I was invited by my boss to go to a spa for an “experience”, I did not know what to expect. I asked for more details, and she just said “Bring a change of clothes, we’re going to try something. You can narrate your experience in a blog later.”

My curiosity got the better of me, and I went along with her invitation with an open mind to find out more. We arrived at Arc Wellness and met Philomena, the person in charge who was there to greet us. Upon stepping inside the building, we saw some posters on the walls about ultrasonic waves, ozone, and negative ions. That was my first introduction to the world of Ozone Hydro Sonic Therapy.


In the bathroom, there was this unusually shaped, deep bathtub that was smaller than usual bathtubs. Inside the tub was a light and portable bubble-bath mat that was connected by a hose to a machine on the wall. Before we stepped in to try it out for ourselves, Philomena gave us a quick explanation of how the system worked: the air hose delivers massaging bubbles from the main machine to the soft mat that lay on the floor of the tub. She filled the bathtub partially with hot water, then topped it off with cold water to get the temperature just right. She then set the machine for 15 minutes, and added in a few spoonfuls of rosemary and chamomile bath oils into the bubbling water for an extra ‘zen’ effect. Once preparations were complete, it was time for us to enter the tub…


As I entered the bathtub of hot water, I felt the water bubbles hitting me with such gusto that I thought I was taking part in a marathon run. I kept thinking about how great this would be for my blood circulation, what I was experiencing was essentially, a rejuvenating full body hydro-massage. Fifteen minutes of soaking in the Ultrasonic Hydrotherapy Home Spa was equivalent to a 3-5km slow jog in energy exchange, or so I was told. I definitely felt an increase in heart rate, as well as an internal warming effect.

The bubbling of air, pounding of water jets and water turbulence massaged my body and stretched my muscles as I started sitting in different positions, imitating the pictures on the chart stuck to the bathroom door. The cushioned surface of the waterproof mat was so comfortable to lay on. It kept its position in the tub as I moved about, held by the suction cups on the bottom. It is true when they say that moving water stimulates the skin’s touch receptors and releases tight muscles. A feeling of weightlessness came over me as I lay in the tub, enjoying the relaxing feeling for the rest of the 15 minutes. I was sure I was going to sleep well after this experience.


I was amazed to discover how simple and quick it was to set up the system. After the session, Philomena shared a little bit of trivia with us regarding the word ‘spa’. Apparently, it’s an acronym for “Solus Per Aqua”, which means “healing through water” in Latin. 


Arc Wellness currently has 2 available options for hydrotherapy: 


Foot Soaks: Foot soaks are perfect for balancing body temperature, reducing anxiety and insomnia, relieving muscle soreness, and other ailments. Just put your feet in a tub with hot water for a few minutes. If you want to increase the relaxing effect of this treatment, you could add some sea salt, Epsom salt or vinegar, as well as alternate with cold water.

Hot Baths: This is the best option to relieve stress, soften skin, and relax muscles. Fill a bathtub with hot water, between 98 or 100°F, add some bath salts, and rest inside for about 30 minutes. To achieve a higher level of relaxation, be sure to create a soothing atmosphere—try playing music or nature sounds, as well as use some essential oils to aromatize the room.

For those with back pain, headaches, or living a stressed lifestyle, hydrotherapy could be your answer. It addresses the modern day’s health concerns and gives people the time to relax and rejuvenate in the comfort of their homes. It is known to strengthen the immune system, reduce stress, improve blood circulation, facilitate breathing, increase stamina, body strength, and much more. If you’re keen on giving hydrotherapy a go, check out the Hydrotherapy Home Spa System, and experience this wonderful sensation for yourself~!

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