Pushchairs are chairs with small rear tyres compared to the usual standard wheelchair. Patients who use this type of wheelchair usually cannot propel their wheelchair by themselves, so they would need others to push them. Pushchairs may or may not have a brake system. The brake system ensures safety of patient during transfer. 

      Planning a trip overseas? If you have mobility issues and are confined to using a wheelchair to navigate, going on a trip will be a breeze using the latest travel transit lightweight wheelchairs. Your travel opportunities will not be restricted and by using a Transit Wheelchair your journeys regardless of length, destination or mode of transport can be made hassle free. So leave your usual wheelchair at home and enjoy the convenience of the Travel Chair on your next trip!

      A Transit Wheelchair, or sometimes known as a transport wheelchair, is normally pushed by a companion or an attendant. It is durable and has smaller wheels than a standard wheelchair and it is lighter in total weight. Weight and easy foldability are key factors in choosing the right wheelchair making it super easy for traveling and lifting into a car or great for checking in for flights. This lightweight wheelchair comes with a free carry bag, making it perfect for getting around! Most of these travel wheelchairs are delivered assembled. No tools needed. All you need to do is take it out of the box and you are ready to go.

      Tip - What do you look for when buying a transport chair?

      The weight of the chair and the seat size.

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