Travel Transit Lightweight Wheelchair

If you want to travel oversea, then you should consider travel transit wheelchair also known as transport wheelchair. The wheelchair comes with a complimentary durable trolley travel bag with attached wheels, making it the perfect chair for traveling and getting around, especially for traveling. 

This type of wheelchair is normally attendant propelled and therefore unlike a self-propelling wheelchair has smaller back wheels.  This means that the carer or family member can quickly and easily enable the wheelchair user to move locations.

Weight and easy foldable are key factors to choose a right wheelchair. 

Specially designed for travel. So leave your usual wheelchair at home and enjoy the
convenience of the Travel Chair on your next trip!

  • Folds into an extremely compact size - Great for checking in for flights and  fits easily into a car boot!
  • Lightweight yet strong 
  • Travel Chair includes a free carry bag, making it  perfect for getting around! 
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