Inochisu Natural Enzyme Vinegar (Bentong Ginger) 375ml
Inochisu Natural Enzyme Vinegar (Bentong Ginger) 375ml
Inochisu Natural Enzyme Vinegar (Bentong Ginger) 375ml

Inochisu Natural Enzyme Vinegar (Bentong Ginger) 375ml

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The Use of Vinegar in Chinese Medicine

In professional Chinese medicine, various Chinese medicinals are stir-fried in vinegar in order to either help target them to the liver-gallbladder or to increase their functions of moving the qi and quickening the blood. However, in Chinese folk medicine, vinegar is a medicinal in its own right, treating a wide range of disorders and complaints, including internal medicine, gynecological, dermatological, and traumatological conditions.


Inochisu, a natural health enzyme vinegar, is  produced using ancient China and Japan fermentation technology. Ingredients are organic foods, free from any chemical additives or food colouring. This versatile drink has a healthy wellness application and presents a treasure trove to achieve body rejuvenation and longevity. 

Inochisu is 100% natural fermentation enzyme vinegar, which means NO additives, NO artificial colouring and NO preservative are added into the products.

Benefits of Bentong ginger enzyme vinegar on the human body:

  • Cleanse the colon
  • Purity the blood
  • Activate body cells
  • Soften blood vessels
  • Eliminate fatigue
  • Stablise blood pressure
  • Prevent tumour
  • Regulate menstruation
  • Reduce uric acid
  • Postpartum body care
  • Dispel wind and dampness
  • Protect the kidneys


Bentong Ginger, Tongkat Ali, Fuctose and Water

Instructions: Consume 10-20ml each time directly or mix vinegar with warm water. Twice a day.

Note: Do not drink vinegar with iron teaspoon.


Store it in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.

***100% 纯天然发酵 Natural Fermentation***

 Inochisu 天然酵素醋


Inochisu 酵素醋 的研发者在一个偶然机缘下,发现了一种古老的发酵技术,酿制出了优质的天然酵素醋,于是便开始启了他的制醋旅程。Inochisu酵素醋采用了来自日本的天然发酵菌,坚持使用天然的发酵工序,让天然食材经过长时间发酵,历经岁月的沉淀,酝酿出了这种纯天然酵素醋



使用生姜和 tongkat ali, 沿用古方酿制而成,




Inochisu 酵素醋使用中国古代和日本的发酵技术生产,具有保健价值, 是实现身体年轻化和延年益寿的宝库。

文冬姜, 东革阿里,果糖和水。



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生姜酵素, 好处多

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