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*Free Shipping above RM300 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)

Reclining Wheelchair | Kawamura RR60NB

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RM 3,840.00
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Color: Light Green

This is the fully reclining series with cushions wheelchair.

Kawamura wheelchair RR60 recliner

The Kawamura RR60 recliner wheelchair offers a reclining feature, which is beneficial for elderly individuals or those with spinal cord injuries, head injuries, or muscle diseases. Here is a summary of the key features and benefits:
  1. Reclining Function: The wheelchair offers a reclining function that allows the backrest to be adjusted, providing comfort and support for elderly individuals or those with specific medical conditions. The seat can also be reclined to a full flat position, facilitating parallel transfers.

    kawamura recliner wheelchair

  2. Adjustable Armrests: The wheelchair features adjustable armrests that can be customized to facilitate easier transfers in and out of the wheelchair.kawamura recliner wheelchair
  3. Easy to Clean: The wheelchair is designed with a thick and soft cushion that is easy to clean, promoting hygiene and providing comfort for the user.kawamura recliner wheelchair PU leather
  4. Trunk-Friendly: The wheelchair is compact and designed to fit into the trunk of SUVs or MPVs, making it convenient for transportation and travel.wheelchair recliner wheelchair

  5. Brake System: The wheelchair is equipped with both hand and foot brake systems, offering users options for safe and controlled braking.The wheelchair is equipped with both hand and foot brake systems,

  6. Lightweight and Strong: The wheelchair is constructed from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, specifically the 7003 series, ensuring a combination of lightweight design and durability. This makes it easier to maneuver, particularly in areas without elevators.kawamura wheelchair recliner
  7. User-Centered Design: Kawamura Wheelchairs are designed with the needs of users in mind. The increased thickness and diameter of the tubes improve the overall lifespan and safety of the wheelchair. The product undergoes strict inspections to comply with Japanese quality requirements and ensure the absence of harmful substances.

  8. Suitable for Various Road Conditions: The wheelchair's solid construction, utilizing aerospace aluminum alloy, ensures its suitability for different types of roads. This enhances its versatility and durability.

  9. Flipable Footrest: The footrest of the wheelchair is flipable, allowing for easier storage and transportation.

  10. Comfort and Ergonomics: The wheelchair prioritizes user comfort and ergonomics. It offers adjustable seating positions, proper cushioning, and support to enhance the overall experience for the user.

  11. Reputation and Recommendations: Positive word-of-mouth, recommendations from healthcare professionals, and positive reviews from wheelchair users contribute to the popularity of the Kawamura brand.

  12. Aesthetics and Design: The wheelchair has a visually appealing and modern design, with strict inspection mechanisms and advanced equipment used throughout the production process to ensure product quality. A comprehensive after-sales warranty system is in place to provide peace of mind to consumers.

  13. Quality and Durability: The Kawamura RR60 wheelchair is known for its high-quality construction and durability. The selection of environmentally friendly materials and rigorous inspections of components ensure the wheelchair meets Japanese quality requirements and eliminates harmful substances.

  14. Shock Absorption for rear pump air tires: Pump air tires, also known as pneumatic tires, have the ability to absorb shocks and vibrations. When the wheelchair moves over uneven surfaces or encounters bumps or obstacles, the air-filled tires act as a cushioning mechanism. They compress and distribute the impact force more evenly, reducing the jolts and vibrations that reach the user's body. This results in a smoother and more comfortable ride, especially over rough terrains. The shock-absorbing properties of pump air tires contribute to enhanced comfort for the wheelchair user. The tires absorb the impact of irregularities in the ground, such as cracks, bumps, or uneven surfaces. As a result, the user experiences less discomfort and jarring movements, allowing for a more pleasant and less fatiguing experience during wheelchair use. Pump air tires help to minimize the transfer of impact forces to the user's body. When a solid or foam-filled tire encounters an obstacle, the impact force can be directly transmitted to the wheelchair and the user's body, potentially causing discomfort or pain. In contrast, the air-filled tires act as a buffer, absorbing and dispersing the impact force before it reaches the wheelchair frame and the user. This reduces the strain on the user's body and provides a gentler ride.

These unique selling points emphasize the reclining function, lightweight yet strong construction, user-centered design, adjustability, safety features, comfort, aesthetics, and overall quality and durability of the Kawamura RR60 recliner wheelchair.


Features and Benefits
Product Specifications

Light Green (Leather) no 43
Purple (Fabric)
Max user Weight 100kg(220lbs)
Unit Nett Weight 24kg
Seat Width/Seat Depth 44cm
Wheel Size 12” (Rear Wheel)
Front Wheel 7"
Material Frame - Aluminium, Sheet - Polyester
Backrest height 121cm
Other features 2 colours- purple & light green, Adjustable the angle of foot treadle, Adjustable armrest height, Head support


MOH Medical Device Authority (MDA) Registered
MMD registration No : GA8714420-42791
Product of Japanese brand


1 year warranty on manufacturing defects.

Shipping & Installation

Max User Weight: 100kg
Net wright: 24.0kg
Gross weight: 31.3kg
Carton box dimension: 105x63x81cm
Within Klang Valley - Free delivery.
West Malaysia - RM20
East Malaysia/International Delivery - Refer to courier fee upon check out.

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