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Guide to buy a wheelchair

Guide to Buy a Wheelchair in Malaysia

the right wheelchair for you

For first-time wheelchair buyers, getting a suitable wheelchair can be a big decision and a daunting task.  So many decisions to make in terms of comfort and mobility -all for the sake of improving the quality of life, a better health and independence.

Wheelchairs are not one size fits all. There are many different types of wheelchairs available today. They come with customizable features, various shapes, sizes, and designs. What you choose can have a huge impact on your comfort level, easy to get around, and overall satisfaction with your purchase.

So, what are the criteria needed when selecting a wheelchair in Malaysia. Make sure the device has the freedom of movements with care, easy manoeuvrability in tight-spaced areas, lightweight, comfortable and must have energy saving features.

Some seniors feel that being wheelchair bound means they are incapable of moving around. On the contrary wheelchair boosts mobility and keeps them:

  • Socially active
  • Alleviates confidence
  • Makes them self-reliant, and fearless
  • Lessens the chances of skin infections or UTI
  • Their involvement and contribution to their family and society increase.

Having said all the above - What are the features you need to look for when purchasing a wheelchair and how do you choose a wheelchair? Here are some questions that needs answers so that you can consider the options.

  • How will the wheelchair be used? Temporarily, Occasionally or Permanently?
  • How often will you use it and how much time will you spend on it?
  • Where will it be used most – in the home? Outside of the home?
  • How will the wheelchair be transported? Does it need to be folded?
  • What kind of terrain will it be used on? Sidewalks? Ramps? Outdoors?
  • Will the wheelchair support you for a physical or medical condition?

A wheelchair isn't a limitation, but a tool that to enhance the quality of life for your loved ones. A wheelchair's purpose is to assist it's user in providing safety and comfort, with the right functions to ensure the utmost comfort, freedom, and independence. Here's a quick guide to selecting the right wheelchair for you or your loved ones:

The Big 6 Important Wheelchair Features to Consider

1. User Weight?

Guide to Buy a Wheelchair in Malaysia

Finding a wheelchair which is the correct size is so important as you need to feel secure whilst sitting on the wheelchair. 

Measuring the height and the width of the chair is a good idea. The age, weight and height should all be considered, and each chair has a maximum weight limit. Most wheelchairs can accommodate up to 100kg.

All models will outline the overall seat width and height dimensions. A removable seat cushion is handy for easy washing and maintaining hygiene. An Ideal feature for users with continence issues.

For user more than 100kg, you may consider heavy duty wheelchair.


2. Body Balance?

Guide to Buy a Wheelchair in Malaysia

Reclining and Tilt Wheelchairs are specialized wheelchairs built for individuals with significant mobility constraints. It’s essential you find a chair that provides you with the right amount of back and head support.

If you need a lot of support, tilt in space wheelchairs provide you with a variety of positioning options – this allows you to adjust the chair to meet your needs and ensure you are completely comfortable.

For many wheelchair users, these reclining wheelchairs can position the individual at the right angle to optimize spinal adjustment and breathing.

Being able to tilt and recline on a single mobility base offers the person several potential advantages. The benefits include pressure relief, maintaining range of motion, helping to manage spasticity, and increasing sitting tolerance.

When you tilt, your hip angle remains the same, but your body tilts backwards and your weight shifts to your back. When you recline, the seat-to-back angle changes, but your seat angle to the ground stays the same. You get to stay in position by tilting and then reclining.


3. Easy Transfer In & Out from wheelchair?

Guide to Buy a Wheelchair in Malaysia
The support and comfort of the Arm and footrests are designed accordingly, and they also need to be sturdy and secure when you make transitions in and out of your wheelchair.

There are a variety of arm and footrest designs to consider. The length, ability to move and swing your arm and leg rests will provide you with greater comfort, manoeuvrability, and flexibility.

The armrests and footrests are meticulously designed to provide the best possible support and comfort. Equally important, they should ensure stability and dependability when transitioning in and out of the wheelchair. Choosing a wheelchair equipped with detachable armrests and footrests (DAF) can be a practical solution for transferring between the wheelchair and the bed, and vice versa.




4. Able to Self-Propelled?

Guide to Buy a Wheelchair in Malaysia

The wheels you choose are important. Durable tires are a necessity and so important as they need to match your mobility needs. For example, if you use your chair outdoors frequently, you will need a more durable tire that is designed to operate on multiple surfaces.

You also want tires that are low maintenance such as foam filled tires. They are less likely to go flat. Tread and grip may also be an important consideration if you use your wheelchair outside when the surface is slippery.

Wheelchairs that are self-operable (Self propelled) come with larger rear wheels and hand rims.


5. Outdoor Use?

Guide to Buy a Wheelchair in Malaysia
When you need to buy a wheelchair, you need to consider not only the usage but also the storage and portability of the wheelchair. It’s important to choose a model that not only meets your mobility needs at home but wherever you need to go.

Always consider the chair dimension and your vehicle or mode transportation together. If you drive a car in Malaysia, consider a lightweight chair that is easy to fold. If you travel in a van or use assisted transportation you have more space to work with.

When it comes to extended travel and outdoor activities, a lightweight and portable pushchair proves to be incredibly useful.

6. Manual?

Guide to Buy a Wheelchair in Malaysia

A big decision here. To buy a more traditional manual wheelchair or opt for a more powerful electric option? If you have limited mobility, a specific health condition or need to extra assistance, an electric wheelchair makes sense.
But, if you only need a wheelchair temporarily or occasionally, a manual wheelchair may be better suited for your needs. Some people simply prefer one style over the other based on personal preference or cost factors.

If you opt for a manual wheelchair, you will need to choose between a self-propelled or attendant propelled model. Wheelchairs you can operate on your own have larger wheels and hand rims.


 wheelchair selection guide

 Lightweight Foldable Wheelchair

What would your loved one prefer if he/she was to choose a wheelchair. To enjoy an active lifestyle, a lightweight manual wheelchair would be the perfect choice over a heavy and bulky one.

A lightweight manual wheelchair that is easy to fold, easy to lift, easy to stow, and looks and feels great for the user wins hands down. They are designed for maximum mobility and easy manageability.

In conclusion

Stay active, remain positive, and command your moves as always. Mobility aids allow you freedom with their convenient, state of the art assistive technology and utility. 

wheelchair selection guide

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