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*Free Shipping above RM300 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)
Complimentary Pureed Meal Delivery to Aged Care Homes, A collaboration between Gentle Foods, DYS-Puree, H-care and

Complimentary Pureed Meal Delivery to Aged Care Homes, A collaboration between Gentle Foods, DYS-Puree, H-care and


A real godsend by Gentle Foods, DYS-Puree, H-care and as they have once again reached out to aged care homes in supplying complimentary pureed foods to senior residents who have difficulty in swallowing and are transitioning to a soft pureed diet. Experts from Gentle Foods in Singapore and H-care researched the soft diet spectrum from specialists all around the world and brought the joy and satisfaction of eating a good meal for the elderly especially in aged care homes back again.

Gentle Foods and together with H-care and DYS-Puree have collaborated to introduce the concept of pureed foods to Malaysia to take it further for the benefit of the elderly population. Their pureed food is famously known for its nutritional value and comes with a special texture making it tasty for the elderly to consume.

For a start- both these establishments have decided to test this out by offering complimentary pureed foods to the inmates of Aged Care Homes within Klang Valley. They are offering a set lunch and set dinner combination to gauge the feedback. Once the food choices are made, the pureed meals will be sent a day earlier to the homes. As simple as that and the next day the carers will only need to steam the food for the residents to be able to enjoy the warm and nutritious food.

The lunch and dinner preparations are as follows.

  • Pureed rice with a vegetable (carrot) and chicken added with sauce.
  • Pureed rice with a vegetable (brocolli) and fish with sauce.

To make it convenient for this kind gesture to work successfully, we have set some ground rules.
  • The management of the Homes need to identify who are the elderly on a pureed diet.
  • Make a choice of at least 2 residents per home. 
  • Every resident will have lunch meal and dinner meal for 3 days.
  • Ensure they will allow DYS-Puree and to carry out a gentle zoom survey with the chosen residents who had tasted the food.
  • The feedback and response from them are vital to the further success of this initiative.

Let’s hope this venture can bring back the joy of mealtimes to our elderly. If you are interested to participate in this survey, kindly contact Olivia at to provide the resident ‘s name, delivery address, and person incharge with the contact number. We will contact the short listed residents.

 Prof Suzana UKM Pureed food


iElder's co-Founder Olivia Quah with Professor Dr Suzana Shahar, Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Dr. Nurul Huda Razalli RDN, UKM Senior Lecturer, Dr Aizul Azri, pHd UKM Researcher during Gentle Food Sensory Liking session.



1. Soft Diet Preparation Made Easy with Gentle Foods

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