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Free Shipping above RM300 for West Malaysia
Introduction of TCM & Charity Treatment

Introduction of TCM & Charity Treatment

Dr. Kong giving a talk to the elders about 'Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and their practice in Malaysia'. 

The talk was on 28 April 2019 (Sun) at NACSCOM Day Centre, attended by senior citizens from local. Dr Kong briefed about the development of traditional and complementary medicine in Malaysia, followed by an introduction about the treatments of TCM.

Chinese Herbal Medicine




Chinese Massage

Besides, Dr Kong also gave some explanation of the application of TCM to delay aging.

Charity Treatment

After the talk ended, TCM charity treatment was carried out by student from INTI International University led by Dr Kong, for the senior citizens to have a chance to try out the effects of acupuncture.


Dr.Kong with students from INTI and clinic staff.

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