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*Free Shipping above RM500 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)
Aurel Sanctuary - One of the best places to retire in Malaysia

Aurel Sanctuary - One of the best places to retire in Malaysia

As we grow older, many of us look forward to retirement. The opportunity to have the freedom to live the way we want to, free from anxiety and worry, yet rich with opportunity and meaningful experiences in our golden years.

If you're looking for the perfect place to live out such a life, you might be interested in considering Aurel Sanctuary. Located in the lush cool hills of Bukit Tinggi, Pahang, Malaysia, this place offers resort-style living, with regular activities and curated lifestyle events for you to enjoy with new friends and visiting family members.


The iElder.Asia team visited Aurel Sanctuary on the 22nd of April, 2022 together with Professor Teh and her team from Monash University, Malaysia. It took about one and half hours to reach Bukit Tinggi, after departing from Sunway City, Selangor.

The weather in Bukit Tinggi Pahang was extremely nice, a little sweet spot between 21°C  to 28°C, suitable for seniors as the weather neither too hot nor too cold. We believe lots of seniors from countries with four seasons, such as Japan and the US, would love to stay here, especially during the cold winter periods in their home countries. 


During the sharing session by Mr. Joseph, CEO of Aurel Sanctuary, he mentioned that the third age (senior citizens aged 60years and above) is no longer considered 'old age', but a younger, more active golden age that precedes the final phase of life, sometimes lasting 20 years or more.

Our working lives typically start from age 20 and onwards, with an average of 40 years worth of a hectic working life until we reach the ripe age for retirement life at the age of 60. At Aurel Sanctuary, they have designed senior lifestyle offering around the building blocks of the "Five Dimensions of Wellness" that bring life into perfect harmony.

  • Physical Health - Improving Health & Well-Being
  • Mental Wellbeing - Taking Away the Worry & Stress
  • Lifelong Learning & Growing
  • Purpose & Gratitude - Living Purposefully
  • Community & Connection - Expanding Social Life

Below are the some of the photos taken during the visit. 


This is a place suitable for those who like nature and want to stay away from hectic lifestyle in city. We were attracted by the Co-Working Business Centre facility provided. Even if we might be in our retirement age, we still can continue to be involved in our businesses, passively or remotely.

The suites in Aurel Sanctuary are designed for easy living and their state-of-the art facilities will ensure that residents will stay active and be entertained throughout the year. We were amazed to see how a room in the Suites could be converted from bedroom to a table setting to save space.


  • Karaoke Lounge
  • 24 - hour Clinic
  • Heated Swimming Pool
  • Gymnasium
  • Spa with Sauna & Steam Rooms
  • Co-Working Business Centre
In the case of any emergencies, Aurel Sanctuary has a top notch ambulance service, and a 24 hour medical clinic open too.
If you've yet to visit Aurel Sanctuary, it is a great time to make a trip to explore it for yourselves, and plan your golden retirement years. The project is expected to be completed by 2024 and now is open for sales.
Right row (From front to back): Prof Teh Pei Lee, Olivia Quah, Shalini, Elizabeth Lee
Left row (From front to back): Joseph Chong, Dr Andrei Kwok, Dr Isaac Lim
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Toh Hong Tat - July 3, 2023

HI There,

Good afternoon.

I am Toh from GETT and we have a Fall, Presence and Sleep Analysis Solutions that uses 60GHz mmWave Radar Technology.

The solutions does not requires the Senior to put on any wearable, no Camera and no messy infrastructure.

We have ready installation in Singapore and we would like to partner you to introduce the latest technologies for Assisted Living in Malaysia.

Please let me know when would be a good date and time for us to have online meeting to introduce ourselves and our solution offering.

Looking forward to our meeting.

Thanks and Regards

Toh Hong Tat

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