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2022 Travel Tips with Elderly Parents for your upcoming holidays

2022 Travel Tips with Elderly Parents for your upcoming holidays

Taking elderly mum and dad on a fun outing or traveling abroad can seem like a major challenge and stressful. But with advance planning, it can be an enjoyable experience for both of you. Plus, going out more often could even boost your older adult’s well-being. shares 8 practical tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip for everyone and minimize stress and increase success when taking your older adult on an outing.

walking aids for traveling senior

1. Walking aids are a must-have!

When you’re out and about with your older adult, the need for extra stops or breaks may come up suddenly. That’s why a rigid schedule isn’t recommended. It can add unnecessary stress and frustration for both of you.

Instead, plan a few breaks ahead of time and leave time for additional unplanned stops. That gives flexibility and helps keep your older adult from getting overtired.

We usually tend to walk much more when we travel, as we want to experience the fresh sights and sounds in a new place. Using walking aids such as Walking Canes and Rollators will allow us to cover these longer distances with ease and take a rest when needed.

travel wheelchair light rollator

2. For longer journeys, opt for a Travel wheelchair

Even if your older adult manages to get around inside the house, they might need a wheelchair for longer distances while they’re out. You can consider rollator wheelchair as a good choice.

When walking long distances, our elderly loved ones may sometimes feel too tired to continue. Using a Travel Chair allows them to take a rest and continue to enjoy the trip. When they feel strong again, you can simply fold it away into the carry bag. It folds compact and can fit in the boot easily alongside your other luggage.

portable toilet traveling

3. Make bath time safe

Besides thinking about how to get around during the trip, also consider how to help your loved ones feel comfortable and safe during bath time. A Foldable Shower Chair can be useful as it can be folded compact and disassembled when not in use.

3 in 1 commode-shower-free standing seat – Etac safety frame adjusts the height of the toilet, portable for use over the toilet or at bedside, and is easy to clean.

bedrail fall prevention traveling

4. What about bed time? 🛏️

Sleeping in a new environment can be quite disorienting sometimes, so consider bringing along a Portable Bed Rail which can fit easily onto any bed. The bed rail will provide your loved ones with the support and confidence they need to get in and out of bed independently.

5. Pack the necessities like medicines

As you plan the outing, think about the essentials that you’ll need to pack. That might include medication, snacks or meals, bathroom supplies, etc.

Yes, your mum or dad probably has already packed her entire medicine cabinet along. But just in case, make sure you’ve got all the essentials, such as for gastric issues, stomach aches, headaches and fever.

Tip: Set an alarm on your mobile phone for any medical or dietary requirements that are on a strict schedule. That way, you can relax and enjoy the day without worrying about missing a dose or meal.

6. Mobile data with roaming and portable wifi.

It is important to have internet connection and can use WhatsApp or wechat to call each other if missing location.

7. For local travel within Malaysia, you can consider TEQ-Secure SOS Fall Detection Safety Pendant for Seniors.

You or care giver can track the elderly parents via Google maps. Many people like this feature and Geo Fencing too.

Show that their children or care giver can track the elderly via Google maps. Many people like this feature and Geo Fencing too

8. Check for any travel alerts, in case they (and you) might need vaccination for certain destinations.

Also consider buying personal travel insurance as well (if you’re with a tour group, chances are the insurance only covers the basics). If either parent has an existing medical condition, it is also recommends that they bring along a letter from their doctor in case of hospital emergencies.


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