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*Free Shipping above RM500 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)
Soft Diet Preparation Made Easy with Gentle Foods

Soft Diet Preparation Made Easy with Gentle Foods

The concept of pureed food is often associated with toddlers who have yet to develop the ability to chew. However, the thought of pureed food served to seniors often conjures up images of runny green gruel, or unsavory, grey, baby food. Don`t despair - There are lots of ways to make tasty pureed meals for the elderly that are delicious, look good, and easy to prepare.

It is tragic to think of losing one of life’s greatest pleasures, the pleasure of good eating. But there comes a time when the elderly may need to have pureed food as their main diet. As they age, they may lose fine motor skills. Seniors who cannot swallow well typically transition to a mechanical soft or pureed food diet. These diets will help them to get the best nutrition and calories they need every day. The texture and taste of foods can make a world of difference for a senior’s desire to eat as it doesn’t have to be boring. Pureed foods are particularly important for people who:

  • Have trouble chewing, masticating, or swallowing (dysphagia)
  • Are recovering from mouth surgery
  • Have lost feelings in parts of the mouth, tongue, or lip

For years, the preparation of soft diets have been a constant challenge for hospital staff and nursing homes alike. Patients that require soft diets need the utmost care put into their meal preparations. Not only do they usually have very strict dietary requirements, the texture and thickness of their food must be of the right consistency for them to be able to ingest their meals.

It's not as if the patients have it easy, either- soft diets are usually a form of blended proteins and vegetables, and do not look or taste appealing at all. Flavor and presentation are usually forgone in favor of nutrition, the most crucial aspect, which may sustain the patient in terms of their dietary requirements, but often leave them feeling upset and depressed.

After years of research from soft diet specialists all around the world, a team of experts from Singapore have found a solution that not only caters to the nutritional requirements of patients on soft diets, but manage to bring back the joy and satisfaction of eating a good meal, in the lovely, vibrant, flavorful bento sets.

Introducing GentleFoods!


Product Description 

GentleFoods uses moulds and simple techniques to form pureed foods into shapes that we've always known, helping to simulate the appetite. Using natural, local Asian sauces, super smooth gravies, and pastes, their easy-to-prepare bento sets bring back familiar tastes and smells to patients stuck on soft diets.

All GentleFoods Bento Sets meet the international standards for texture modified diets, ensuring that that they meet a safe consistency for those on a Level 4 Pureed Diet.

Unlike liquid diets, the pureed meals from GentleFoods provide more variety, nutrients and fibre, meeting nutritional needs to prevent any degree of malnutrition.

The simple 3-step preparation method ensures that meal preparation is kept simple and efficient, greatly improving operation times for food kitchens when it comes to preparing pureed diets, without the need for manual preparation, blending, or thickening.

How do I prepare the Pureed Food?

Place the moulded food items onto a plate, exactly as you would present a meal, cover with a piece of cling wrap, and steam over a small fire for 20-30 minutes. It's that simple!

Full preparation instructions are included on the packaging of the bento sets, so you'll always have a step-by-step guide to refer to.

What is the shelf life for the Bento Sets?

Microbiology testing has shown that the products are shelf-life stable at -20 degrees for at least 9 months.

What ingredients are used to make the frozen pureed food meals?

GentleFoods only uses natural ingredients, without any MSG or preservatives.

Are the Bento Sets Halal Certified?

Yes, they even come with a “Halal Certified” label on the box!

Can I get a special price on bulk orders?

Perhaps! If you are interested in inquiring about any of the products above or alternative solutions for your food kitchen, just contact Eugene Lee via WhatsApp at 

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