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7 Ideas to Celebrate Father's Day during lockdown

7 Ideas to Celebrate Father's Day during lockdown

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On Father`s day, give your dad the best Father`s day gift ever.
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To the world, you are a dad. To your family, you are the world.



Normally on father`s day, it is a celebration with gourmet dine-ins at your favourite restaurants, movie watching in a theatre, shopping or even watching football games with the family. But hey- it has been a Covid-19 lockdown two Father’s Day in a row and its`s going to be hard act to follow the normal day traditions. Families need to be careful with their elderly parents, who are particularly vulnerable. However, the special person in your lives - your dads, Grandpas, Fathers-in-law, Uncles, and so forth still deserve to be celebrated in a big way to make this day memorable. So, pull out all the stops, spoil your dad – your unsung hero this Father’s Day with our lockdown appropriate ideas and make it a blast. Life goes on even in a pandemic.


  • We have ideas for you if your dad is far away or in an assisted living near you.
  • We also have ideas for you if your dad stays with you where you are the primary carer.


What can you do for Dad for Father`s Day if he is not living with you?


Idea No 1 – Order a meal, have a Zoom chat, and present a gift.

For the foodie dad you can bring the restaurant to him. Order his favourite meal and drinks and schedule a zoom time where both of you can have a virtual meal and chat. Schedule a time and make this meal special – just Dad and you. For a change, let him talk and ask him questions about his unusual childhood. Interesting stories that he told you when you were young and relive them. Give him your undivided attention and show the interest by asking questions where necessary and laugh with him. This meal and quality time spent will linger in his memory for days.


To top it all, get dad a gift and make sure it is presented to him where he can open in front of you. Get the OCA comfy cooling cushion from iElder for his comfort especially if he is sitting for long hours and may have a back pain. Known to improve your body posture, it also reduces the on your neck and back. What a great gift for seniors. 


Idea no 2 - Send him a little comfort.

Feeling generous and you can afford it- the best gift for dad is something that he will use every day with ease and comfort. What about the Mobile Recliner Geriatric Chair with Tray which is the epitome of comfort and style? This recliner chair features high-density foam cushioning, suitable for those who sit for long periods of time. Imagine him watching his favourite Netflix shows as he reclines to and from in comfort. Click into iElder.Asia for any discounts if available.


Idea No 3 - Enjoy an online activity together. A Virtual tour

Our borders are down. No travel for the last 2 years. Dad has been travelling with you before the lockdown. On Father`s day take dad on a zoom virtual tour of a country he wanted to visit. What a wonderful way to explain the famous sights and see some videos. It will be seeing the places live.

At the end of the show present him with a Silverpad where he can sharpen his mental skills with great cognitive activities. It is so easy to use.


What can you do for Dad for Father`s Day if he is living with you?


Idea No 1- Cook him breakfast 

It`s your turn to cook for dad. Donning the apron, make him feel special by setting the table nicely, squeezing some fresh oranges for juice and whipping up his favourite breakfast – be it quaker oats or scrambled eggs. Get him his special tea or coffee and his morning newspaper at his side. What is more- sit next to him and have your meal with him and the family. It is all about spending time with him.



Surprise him with a gift of an adjustable steel frame backrest with pillow. A great gift to reduce back pain and what a comfort when he watches long hours of Korean shows.


Idea no 2 - Plan a family trivia night.

Involving the family is an ideal way to treat dad on Father`s day with a game. Take a trip down memory lane with questions about happy family moments and family trips and some of Dad`s most used jokes. Make it a fun event with everyone`s involvement and get each one in the family to cook Dad`s favourite dish. What`s more Dad`s favourite beer or whisky will add to the list. A perfect lockdown activity whist staying home and a perfect gift of your time.


Idea no 3- Plan a family movie night

Cinemas are closed, your dad is a movie buff. This is the time to ask him his favourite show and settle in for a family movie night. Quality bonding time with the whole family. Buy some popcorn and have a McDonald treat. For this special day, treat him with his favourite chocolates (even if it is a “NO” otherwise) and get the family around him to watch together even if they do not like it. Being with the family together is the greatest joy you can give him.


Thinking of a gift- The Polinelli Milano Men`s Classic premium Reading glasses would be perfect. Handcrafted from Italy it eliminates the glare and enhances clarity, resists the harmful blue lights to provide a better digital experience. It is lightweight and scratch resistant too.


Idea no 4 - Phone Calls or Video Chats

Lift your dad`s spirits and give him access to video chats using Skype, Zoom or facetime with family members or their friends overseas. Or get his friends to call him for a phone chat. A great way for him to catch up with his friends and that ½ an hour talk would be so enriching for them.

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