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*Free Shipping above RM500 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)
7 steps to choose a wheelchair

7 steps process of purchasing a wheelchair

Wheelchairs serve a many purposes beyond mobility aids. They can help people who have conditions that affect their mobility, be it temporary or permanent. Today's wheelchairs come in different styles and designs to meet the needs of the varied population who use them.

When it comes to wheelchair accessibility, it's important to remember that you don't have to keep using a wheelchair forever to retain your mobility. There are many different types of wheelchair and each one offers different benefits. Whether you need a wheelchair for a few days or for the rest of your life, being able to move around freely is important. This can make a big difference in your emotional, mental, and physical health.

Our guide will help you through every step of the wheelchair buying process, answering any questions you may have. It will also provide important information to consider when choosing a wheelchair to fit your specific needs.

It is very important to choose a wheelchair according to the individual's size, physical function and surrounding environment.

Step 1: Understand current situation

  • When is the weelchair to be used? Confirm your reason for wanting a wheelchair.  

Step 2: Determine Factors

  • Confirm the physical condition, living environment, nursing conditions of the person and the family caregiver, and the cost of purchasing a wheelchair, etc.

 Step 3: Identify problems faced by user

  • Understanding that using a wheelchair, those problems in life can be solved, and those still can't be solved.
  • For problems that cannot be solved, please think of solutions other than wheelchairs.

 Step 4: Determine type of wheelchair

Determine the type of wheelchair based on the previous thinking guidelines, and at the same time must understand the relevant knowledge of body functions, knowledge of wheelchairs, laws and regulations, and knowledge of wheelchairs sold in the market. Please do your research before deciding on the type of wheelchair to purchase.

Step 5: Choose wheelchair

All kinds of wheelchairs have different characteristics, what type of wheelchair to choose, depends on the function of the wheelchair itself. Learn how to measure wheelchair dimensions.

Step 6: Ensure suitable wheelchair

Learn how to use a wheelchair

Step 7: Confirmation of actual effect

Is there any problem with riding or walking?


 Source: Kawamura Circle Wheelchair Manual

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