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*Free Shipping above RM300 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)
Japan's Top 3 Popular Wheelchair - Kawamura Cycle

Japan's Top 3 Popular Wheelchair - Kawamura Cycle

河村轮椅 (Kawamura Wheelchair) is a Japanese brand. The production process is completely in accordance with Japanese technology and management standards, so the quality of the wheelchairs meets the requirements of Japanese product quality.

The differences between Kawamura Wheelchairs and other wheelchair brands are mainly in the following aspects:

1. Different materials.

Kawamura Wheelchairs use 7003 series aerospace titanium aluminum alloy, which is also used in aircraft, bullet train, ensuring the strength of the wheelchair while being lightweight. The main function of a wheelchair is to assist with mobility. Although it does not require frequent lifting, a lightweight wheelchair is more convenient to move (especially in some older residential areas without elevators).

Kawamura Wheelchairs are designed to fully consider the needs of users. At the same time, the thickness and diameter of the tubes are increased, which improves the overall service life and safety of the wheelchair. Other main components are also carefully selected from brands, choosing environmentally friendly materials that meet Japanese quality requirements, and each batch of components undergoes strict inspections to eliminate harmful substances.


2. Differences in production technology and production management

Kawamura Wheelchair design focuses on people-oriented design from the user's perspective, which is more humanized compared to domestic wheelchair designs. The production management is more strict, especially regarding the supervision of product quality. Therefore, although they are both produced in China, there is a big difference in quality.

In the market, imported wheelchair brands are generally considered to be more expensive. In summary, compared to ordinary domestic wheelchair brands, Kawamura Wheelchairs are safer, more reliable, and more environmentally friendly. This is also the reason why Kawamura Wheelchairs are more expensive than domestic wheelchair brands. From the procurement of raw materials to the assembly of the finished product, we have a strict inspection mechanism and advanced inspection equipment to ensure the quality of our products. We also have a strict after-sales warranty system to ensure that consumers have no worries.


The process of purchasing a wheelchair:

Wheelchairs are closely related to daily life. It is important to choose a wheelchair based on one's personal body shape, physical abilities, and surrounding environment.

In summary, selecting a wheelchair based on personal body shape, physical abilities, and surrounding environment is crucial since wheelchairs are an integral part of daily life.


1. Understand the situation

When should a wheelchair be used?

Confirm the reason for wanting a wheelchair. 


2. Establish guidelines

What is the purpose of using a wheelchair?

Confirm your own and your family caregivers' physical condition, living environment, nursing conditions, and the cost of purchasing a wheelchair.


3. Identify specific issues

  • Understand what problems can be solved by using a wheelchair in daily life, and what problems cannot be solved.
  • For problems that cannot be solved, be sure to consider solutions other than a wheelchair.

4. Determine the type

Based on the previous guidelines, decide on the type of wheelchair. At the same time, it is necessary to understand knowledge related to physical function, wheelchair function, relevant laws and regulations, and knowledge of wheelchairs sold in the market. Please decide on the type of wheelchair to be purchased after conducting detailed research.


5. Choose a wheelchair

Different wheelchairs have various characteristics, and the type of wheelchair to choose depends on the functions of the wheelchair. Remember to also learn how to measure wheelchair size along with the dimensions of your home, just in case if you want to use the wheelchair at home too.


6. Determine the appropriate wheelchair

Learn how to use the wheelchair and learn how it operates before making a purchase! It is best to equip oneself with knowledge of the wheelchair's frame, helpful qualities, and etc before determining the appropriate wheelchair.

7. Confirm actual effectiveness

Are there any problems with sitting or walking?=

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