Hospitals' Most Needed Equipments

Lots of donors asked us what products that require by hospitals as they are keen to raise fund to donate to hospitals. We called hospitals and please find list of products:


Syringe Pump 100
Patient Monitor 5 parameter 10
Pulse Oxymeter 100
HFNC Tubing 400
Air Purifier with HEPA Filter 20

Neonatal Ventilator (invasive) 5
Cooling Therapy Machine (for neonate) 2
Close Incubator 20
Open Intensive Incubator 10
Neonate Weighing Scale - 1 unit 1
Hypothermic Theraphy Machine (neonate) 1
Neonatal ECG 1

AERVO High Flow Nasal Cannula (Paeds) 2
Pediatrik BiPAP 2
Pediatrik Ventilator 2
Pediatrik Weighing Scale 1

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