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*Free Shipping above RM300 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)
Motion Sensor Night Lights- We Make Your Home Safe

Motion Sensor Night Lights- We Make Your Home Safe

“My mum has to make a toilet stop on a nightly basis and for her safety I leave the toilet light switched on from 12 midnight to 6 am every day. There was a definite increase of my electricity bill monthly, but then I disregarded it as it gave me peace of mind knowing that she would be safe. Recently I discovered this wonderful inventio - the motion sensor night light which lights up the walkway to and from the bathroom making it easier for my mother to see the lock and the doorknob as she moves around. With the simple installation of the night light, my mother remained safe, and I was at ease”



You know the drill: You wake up in the middle of the night for a glass of water or to go to the bathroom. You stumble a bit in the dark and feel your way to switch the lights on and at the same time ensuring you don`t hit against any furniture or worse still have a fall. Young or old, such mishaps can happen to anybody. Imagine if you have older adults in your house - this is one of the biggest risks they face especially in the dark when they must get up several times a night when it comes to using the bathroom. That is why, as we age and become less active, we have slower reaction times and our balance begins to deteriorate due to reduced eyesight, ear problems, or suffer the side effects of medications. Proper indoor lighting is so important for the elderly to move about to live safely and lead an independent life.


So, how do we find a way to conserve electricity and at the same time provide a light? There is a solution to this. By installing motion-sensing LED lights along strategic spots in the home will help the elderly navigate their way safely. The lights are bright enough to help them go from one place to another, but discreet enough not to disturb their partner or prevent them from falling back asleep. It is not only useful for the elderly but the ideal hack for new parents, dorm rooms, partners with different schedules, and anyone else looking for a smart and easy upgrade to their sleeping situation.

Motion sensor lighting can be the answer now as it can be placed in the home so that it lights up the walkway and steps up to the porch and makes it easier to see the lock and the doorknob. This type of lighting can help prevent falls due to tripping hazards or sharp corners that need to be avoided.

So, what exactly is this wonder light all about? The motion sensor night light is a wireless night lamp with motion sensor activation. No worries about wastage of charges in the mornings as they are only activated if the surroundings are dark and there are movements. No batteries are needed. A one-time charge of the lamp with a USB cable and you have a 3-month uninterrupted light supply. What`s great is that it has a fast-charging feature for convenience and when the charge is low an indicator light comes on to remind you to charge again.

The lamp will automatically turn off around 30 seconds as one walks away and with the magnetic strips that has been included with the lamp, it can be placed almost anywhere around the house, be it the living room, next to their bed or even in the kitchen cabinet. So convenient especially for the elderly and even small children.

The purchase comes with 4 units in a box as we know the customers will use it at many places as possible. The usage and installation instructions are all stated in the packaging, and really – It is intelligent lighting anytime and anywhere and it comes at such an attractive price too. a one stop centre which specialises in the distribution of high-quality aged and healthcare products and services is worth checking out. They are passionate about providing helpful products for independent living, thus enriching, and creating a better life for the elderly. They provide trusted mobility, bedding, bathroom, living aids, and more carrying the most popular and trusted brands in aged care living to suit their customer’s needs.

What are you waiting for? Go check out this motion sensor night light at and say goodbye to your fears in dark spaces.

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