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*Free Shipping above RM300 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)
Is it Worth Investing in a High Quality Wheelchair?

Is it Worth Investing in a High Quality Wheelchair?


Choosing a wheelchair for yourself or a senior family member is always a big decision. There is no “best” wheelchair choice for elderly people especially as they have different mobility needs. Some of them may be using a wheelchair as a permanent, everyday mobility solution, while others might just need one for temporary use. It’s important to select the right wheelchair by conducting an analysis of the would-be user to see what areas they are impacted in.

Do you know that more than thirty percent 60 years of age or older who resided permanently in a long-term care facility sitting on wheelchair for 6 hours or more each day?  Thus, it is important to choose a suitable and comfortable wheelchair to increase their independent mobility, forward and lateral reach, increase quality of life for social function and physical role, and satisfaction with assistive technology.

Wheelchair users also want to preserve their independence and improve their quality of life and so choosing the right wheelchair for the elderly with limited mobility is always a challenge. The things to consider when purchasing a wheelchair for the elderly would include the features, weight, transportability, and (of course) the price tag. With all this “Quality” will rank in as the No 1 priority at the final decision. has bought in the wheelchairs of the best in quality from Japan. Here's introducing the Kawamura Brand of wheelchairs to the shores of Malaysia. are the authorized representative, sole distributors, and importers of this brand (KKM approved Medical Device Authority MDA). Their focus has always been centered on Quality in the promotion and distribution of their products. The choice of Japan takes precedence when it comes to wheelchairs as they are a totally different dimension from the rest of the world when it comes to quality.

Who makes the best quality wheelchairs?

Japan's Kawamura Pride

Why Kawamura and some history down memory lane. In 1915 Koichi Kawamura first started his company as an individual enterprise building bicycles.

After the Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995, Tamio Murayama (founder), who was working to reconstruct the business, recognized a bright future in wheelchairs to secure employment and the company’s future. The company adopted the 7000-series aluminium, the strongest aluminium alloy used for mountain bikes, for wheelchairs. This reduced the weight of wheelchairs produced at the time by more than 30%. Mass-producing these aluminium wheelchairs set the company’s business back on track and the company was transformed from a bicycle builder to a wheelchair manufacturer.

Today, the Kawamura Cycle wheelchairs are easier to navigate and understand and they are more comfortable as assistive products for people with disabilities.

Studies on the problems faced by wheelchair users were conducted and new forms of lighter wheelchairs were produced. With the scrutiny of all the metals, fabrics and resin materials used, Kawamura Cycle transitioned to a mass-producer of lightweight aluminium wheelchairs from the usual heavy steel ones before. Very true to their mission statement of “We always strive to advance" they constantly pushed the limits of knowledge and boldly challenged themselves.

To ensure they maintain and improve the safety and durability of their wheelchairs, Kawamura conducts durability tests on a regular basis using in-house test equipment that complies with the JIS standard (JIST9201:2016) or at a third-party testing organization. Kawamura Cycle believes this is what embodies the Kobe brand and Japanese Quality for Health and a Comfortable Lifestyle providing safe and secure products and quality services.
kawamura wheelchair Japan

The difference between Kawamura wheelchair and other brand wheelchairs:

1. Different materials

The Kawamura wheelchair is made of 7003 series aviation titanium aluminum alloy, which is also used in airplanes. This materials ensure the strength of the wheelchair and also lightweight.

The primary function of a wheelchair is to assist traveling, although it does not need to be carried frequently, but a light wheelchair is easy to carry (especially in some old residential areas without lift), Kawamura wheelchairs are designed with full consideration of the needs of users. And thus, the thickness of the pipe wall is thickened, increase safety and lifespan of the wheelchair. Other main components are also carefully selected and selected environmentally friendly materials that meet Japanese quality requirements, each batch of parts is strictly inspected to eliminate harmful substances.

 aerospace metal Kawamura wheelchair

2. Differences in production technology and production management

Kawamura wheelchair design focuses on people centric, people-oriented, in other words, Kawamura design wheelchairs from the perspective of users, compared with other wheelchair brands design and thus it will be more user-friendly.

Production management is more stringent, especially the supervision of product quality.

Everyone in the market generally thinks that Kawamura brand wheelchairs are more expensive. Compared with wheelchairs of other brands, Kawamura wheelchairs are safer, more secure and more environmentally friendly. These are reasons why Kawamura brand wheelchairs are more expensive.

From purchasing raw materials to wheelchair assembly, we have a set of stringent requirments on inspection system and advanced inspection equipment to ensure the quality of our products. We also have a set of strict product after-sales warranty. Normally, customers can use Kawamura wheelchairs much longer terms than other brands. 

Test conducted for Kawamura wheelchair is with 300,000km mileage test. (The current market average is 200,000km).

maintain and improve the safety and durability

3. Brings optimum comfort to Patients / Users

Caregiver handling easy to manuavor wheelchair

As to compare to other type of wheelchair, if you push user with Kawamura wheelchair and similar type of other brand of wheelchair, you can immediately feel Kawamura is so much easy to push.

uneven road easy push wheelchair

What kind of wheelchair do I need?

Wheelchair is an important tool for rehabilitation. It is not only a means of transportation for the physically disabled and the elderly, but most importantly wheelchair enable them to perform physical exercise and participate in social activities with the help of wheelchairs. Wheelchair generally consists of four parts: frame, wheel, brake device and seat.

Types of wheelchairs

  • What type of driving mode do you want? Manual wheelchair or electric wheelchair
  • Whether user can self-propelled and operated by care giver?

Kawamura Manual wheelchairs are divided by following 4 main functions: standard type, multi-function type, reclining type, special type

1. Standard Type

kawamura standard wheelchair quality

  • Standard Self Propelled wheelchairs - The standard wheelchair is the most common wheelchair used. A standard wheelchair is easy to maintain, lightweight, and the least expensive to buy. A user would need to manually propel the wheelchair by pushing one’s hands against the pushrims. This type of wheelchair also has handles at the back of the
    seat so it can be pushed by another person
  • Pushchair - Patients who use this type of wheelchair usually cannot propel their wheelchair by themselves, so they would need others to push them. Light and sturdy features. 

2. Multi-function type

    3. Recliner type

    kawamura recliner most popular wheelchair

      • Reclining wheelchairs - Recliner wheelchair provides support to the head and allows users to recline comfortably. In addition, a recliner wheelchair also has elevating leg rests where the patient's legs can be elevated to
        achieve more comfort. User is able to assume lying flat position while using this wheelchair.
      • Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair enables users to change orientation of the sitting position while maintaining the angle of the patient's hips, knees, and ankles. This wheelchair can only tilt back up to 45 degrees. Tilt-in-space wheelchair provides better pressure relief mechanisms and positioning. 

      4. Special function type

      kerusi roda berlancong

      Several things should be considered when choosing a wheelchair. An assessment will help make sure a wheelchair is right for you and help you figure out which type you should use. Things to consider during wheelchair assessment include:

      • Your skin integrity and whether you have skin ulcers
      • Your body type
      • Your posture
      • Your strength
      • Your sitting balance and stability
      • Whether you have a condition that progresses over time

      Finding the right wheelchair can make all the difference. 

      According to the user's body and living conditions, various functions and accessories can be selected and combined to make the wheelchair that best suits the state of the user.

      Tell us whether you need the following functions?

      Problem to solve

      Swipe to right to see solutions

      Solutions Recommendation
      User wants to use feet for sliding

      Low seating surface, generally less than 40cm from floor to seat. Thus, adjustable seat height is recommended.

      adjustable seat height wheelchair


      Transfer user from  wheelchair to bed and vice versa

      Detachable and lift up armrest and footrest 

      DAF wheelchair detachable armrest footrest


      User's knee cannot bend 

      Need lift-up leg

      footrest raised up wheelchair


      For user with curved backs and hunchbacks

      Adjustable belt of the backrest

      adjustable belt for backrest


      User has dificulty to reach hand brake

      Need brake extender  

      brake extender for kawamura wheelchair

      User sit on wheelchair for more than 5 hours a day

      Thick cushion to prevent pressure sore and maintain a stable sitting posture, breathable cushion cover

      thick cushion kawamura wheelchair long hour sitting

      Foot heels slip behind the pedals

      A strap to support the heel

      foot heel to avoid slip behind the pedal kawamura wheelchair

      Easier for care giver or nurse to brake with their feet

      Foot operated brake

      foot operated brake kawamura wheelchair

      Wheelchair overturn. 

      Anti-tip extension bar -Prevents the center of gravity of the wheelchair from tipping over

      Anti-tip extension bar kawamura wheelchair


      User head cannot maintain a fixed posture

      Extended backrest

      recliner high back whelchair kawamura

      Outdoor, tires from sticking to dirt such as mud

      Tires uppor guard install


      No need to pump air

      airless tire

      airless tire for kawamura wheelchair


      Read our 7 steps process of purchasing a wheelchair

      Where to buy good quality wheelchair?

      Looking for Kawamura or any type of wheelchair for your loved one? Check out this amazing rehab website! www.iElder.Asia

      Customer enquiries:
      Phone: +603-9543 9588

      or Visit our showroom always strives to ensure they have the best in price and the best in quality for the products they promote. With the Kawamura Brand wheelchairs at hand you can be rest assured you are getting the best fit and choice when you finally make the wheelchair purchase decision.

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