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Care Giver

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To make a booking, kindly fill in this enquiry form and we will get back to you on the suitable candidate to perform this job.

The staff members qualification :

Min : Diploma in any healthcare related, Physiotherapist, Medical Assistant , Medical Lab Technologies.
Age : ranges from 22 and 30 years old
Experience : Min of 3 months in any home care setting and nursing home
Race: Majorly Malay and Indian
Job scope:
*Showering/Bed Bath
*Oral Care
*Toileting/Changing Diapers
*Passive Exercise
*Pre heat Meals
*Foot & Nail Care
*Changing bed linen
*Respite/Companion Care
*Outbound Hospital Appointment Arrangement
Millage charges: RM 0.80 per Km from Bukit Jalil Office or as per Grab car receipt.

 Other info:
The services is very flexible and the could be tested out for a few days first before the monthly request.
Mileage we will charge without any extra cost by Grab Car that will calculate from your nearest pick up area to your house.
Additional Charges:

*Consumable and procedure will be charge accordingly per usage.
* Additional 6% GST will be charged

Important Note:

Payment will be on a weekly basis. Invoice will be emailed every Wednesday of the week with the payment due on Saturdays. Payment is collected prior to the service. Payment account details will be included on the invoice along with company details. 

We do not accept payments by cash or cheque, it has to be a bank transfer or a ATM deposit to the company bank account as the payment needs to be in prior to the service date.

There should be a minimum of 3 days notice prior to termination.