Famica Basic Safety Bed Rail (Navy) | Fall Prevention
Famica Basic Safety Bed Rail (Navy) | Fall Prevention

Famica Basic Safety Bed Rail (Navy) | Fall Prevention

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  • Worried your dependent patient fall down from bed? Risau pesakit jatuh dari katil? 
  • Get Famica Bedrails, a safety equipment, to reduce patients' risk of falling from bed.

  • The Famica Safety Bed Rail is an affordable basic bed rail designed with a longer length to prevent falls from bed. It is also great for users who might need extra support in getting in and out of bed. Designed for use on regular home beds.


Famica Bed Rail


Famica Basic Safety Bed Rail (Navy) | Fall Prevention



  • Fixed length prevents user from falling off the bed

  • Can be installed on either side of the bed

  • Safety hook secures bed rail to the frame of any home or hospital bed

  • Available in 1 colour: Light Tiffany Blue

  • No tools required, install easily.

  • Foamed handle provides a comfortable gripping surface.

  • The Good Night Bed Rail is reversible , it can be installed on either side of the bed.

  • Two-position height adjustments to fit different height of mattresses.

  • Thinner metal bars under mattress providing a comfortable using environment.

  • Come with strong securing straps attached to mattress firmly.

  • Simple unlock design to fold the bed rail for easy access.

  • Unique higher hinge for fitting in with the bed edge.

  • Fits standard twin sized bed.


  • Length of rail: 90cm

  • Height of rail: 50.5cm-52.5cm

  • Hook latches to edge of the bed frame - Accommodates all bed sizes up to King-sized beds

  • Total length of safety strap: 83cm (33")

  • Material: Metal & Nylon.
  • Unit product weight: 3.5kgs.

Note: The Safety Bed Rail can be installed on both divan and framed beds.

  • Weight capacity: 110 kg (240 lbs)

  • The size of box : 96 x 31.5 x 38.5 cm 


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Is falling out of bed common?
The condition is most common in men and may cause the sleeper to kick, scream, punch, and fall out of bed or rolling off the bed, potentially hurting himself or his partner. Restless sleep, old age, dementia, issues with bed space and certain medications are other causes.

Thus, Famica bed rails are used safely to reduce falls risk and harm from falls

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