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*Free Shipping above RM500 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)

Customization Face Mask Extender Adjustable Strap (Penyangkut Penyambung Facemask)

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It is now mandatory to wear a mask when stepping out of the house. Wearing this face mask ear hook will make you feel comfortable and relieve the pressure of your ear from long-term wearing of the mask.

Looking for corporate gift to your valued customers? Now you can print your corporate logo on sticker or embossed corporate name on mask extender clip. 

Mask Ear hook can help to solve the problems below:

1. Ear shape small/soft, hard to wear mask 
2. Wear mask in hour long, pain on the ear 
3. Mask does not fit the face / too big for kids face 
4. Wear tudung, not able to wear the mask. 
Cabaran Wanita Bertudung? Boleh dapatkan 3D Printed buckle. But lots of Muslim women here wear hijabs, which cover their ears. Since typical masks are designed to hook around your ears, it’s difficult for hijab-wearers to use them.With these specially-designed 3D printed buckle, hijab-wearers or hijabis as they’re called, need not worry about the masks slipping off every five seconds. This way, hijabis can easily slip the mask over their heads and don’t have to constantly adjust to keep it in place. It’s a small change, yet it makes a huge difference to the user-friendliness of the mask.

  • Embossed name
  • Sticker

  • Boleh customized corporate sticker di belakang (sesuai utk company utk bagi pada customer)
  • mudah, ringan dan praktikal
  • Help to fit the mask on your face / children's face better
  • Best for those who wear tudung
  • Best for students / workers with long hour of wearing mask
  • Relieve pressure on ear
  • 4 adjustable level Suitable for most people
  • Suitable for most of the face mask in market ( N95, Surgical mask, medical mask, dust mask)
  • Unique face-mask strap-catch design so that the face-mask straps won't easily come out; especially useful for children

For the color options, subject to availability 

  • Transparent
  • White
  • Golden brown
  • Yellow
  • Light blue
  • Grey
  • Silky red
biodegradable plastic made from cornstarch (PLA). They are flexible and have good tensile strength. But just like any plastic, they can break at certain points. 
PLA plastic (polylactic acid plastic) made from sustainable materials such as cornstarch, cassava starch or from sugarcane/sugar-beet. These materials are non-toxic and is biodegradable.

They have a very low melting temperature and will not give off toxic fumes if burned, instead most PLA will smell like popcorn if burned! PLA is not the toughest material but in some cases they are tougher than ABS depending on design.

Dimension :

  • Length for Mask Ear Hook for adult: Adult : 17cm;  Kids: 14cm
  • With or without.. both space for sticker or embossed name width is max 2.5cm. all other parts beside the name-space is 2cm.
  • Sticker shape: can be round or rounded rectangle

Lead time
Lead time depending on quantity: 100 pcs per box will take about 7 days including sticker printing excluded courier time. 


Step to order:

  • WhatsApp for availability of color and whatsapp us logo for printing (Png or jpg at least 1024x1024 pixel width), pdf, AI file. 
  • Upon confirmation on color, you can place order online
  • We will courier upon all completed the custom made buckle

 How to wear for adult and kids

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Dimension: 1 x 

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