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*Free Shipping above RM500 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)

iElder Charity Gift Card - Donate Covid-19 Essentials to Aged Care Homes in need

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As Malaysians continue to wait patiently for their vaccination appointments, the Covid-19 virus continues to wreak havoc within the nation. The number of cases spiked at alarming rate in 2011, hitting its peak in April, and continues to fluctuate, even today.

High risk groups have been kept under a strict watch, as aged care homes diligently do their best on the frontlines to keep our elderlies protected from the pandemic. Many nurses and caretakers work late night shifts, and put in extra hours to ensure that their workplaces are sterilized and their patients remain safe, at the expense of their own time and health.

However, despite their best efforts, it seems like even that is not enough.

As the nation continues in it's joint effort to completely eradicate Covid-19, many aged care homes find themselves struggling to attain the needed resources to maintain their daily operations. 

Negligence in maintaining a sanitary environment in these homes can come at a great cost, as aged care homes can potentially be super-spreaders of the virus. The risk of death for elderly care home residents is extremely high, as they are vulnerable not just because of their medical conditions, but also because of cramped living conditions.

An estimated 30,000 to 40,000 people aged above 65 live in care homes or nursing homes in Malaysia, while there are about 8,000 elderly care home workers. Whilst they await their vaccination shots to take place, we need to ensure they protect themselves to prevent further breakouts at these aged care facilities.

(Caption reads: All residents vaccinated, 10 elderlies still infected)

The homes need our help. They need a constant supply of anti-covid essentials, such as facemasks, hand sanitizers and disinfectants. Together, we can carry each other through the worst of this pandemic.

  1. Select the amount you'd like to donate and add the iElder Charity Gift Card to your cart.

  2. uses your donation to send Covid-19 essentials to an Aged Care Home that has signed up for this initiative at a subsidized rate, according to their priority in the waiting list and type of items requisitioned.

  3. Once an Aged Care Home has successfully received aid from this initiative, a photo and a thank-you message from the home will be posted as a blog on our website, as assurance that your donations are going to good use.

Q. How can I apply to receive aid for my Aged Care Home?

  1. If you run, work in, or volunteer at an Aged Care Home, you are eligible to apply for this initiative to receive aid in the form of Covid-19 essentials for your aged care home.

  2. Simply fill in the form and register for the Charity Gift Card initiative here

  3. Once a donation has been made, packs Covid-19 essentials according to the donated amount at a subsidized cost.

  4. A representative from will contact the person in charge in the application form to arrange for delivery, based on priority in the waiting list and types of items requisitioned from each Aged Care Home.


Q. What items are included in a Charity Pack?

Each Charity Pack typically includes:


  1. A box of Face Masks

  2. A box of Latex Gloves

  3. A bottle of Hand Sanitizer

  4. A bottle of General Use Disinfectant

  5. A set of face shields.
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