Sweden Etac Beauty long comb 37cm
Sweden Etac Beauty long comb 37cm
Sweden Etac Beauty long comb 37cm

Sweden Etac Beauty long comb 37cm

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Etac's ergonomically designed long comb is carefully balanced to provide maximum power with minimal effort and strain on your hands, arms, and shoulders.

Etac Beauty Long Comb:

👍 Curved for the best comfort & control when combing the hair

👍 Handles are oval and have a non-slip surface which enables a secure grip

👍 The longer version is suitable for users who only can reach to the shoulder

👍 Comb can be reach until the back of the body.

👍 Very lightweight

👍 Easily to bring when travelling

👍Corrosion-free materials

Why You Should Buy This?

Having a hard time to comb your hair? If your reach stops at shoulder length, then you should choose this comb.

Are you having limited reach or dexterity?  The Beauty long comb come in two lengths. The shorter version is recommended when the user can reach up to the ear. The longer version is suitable for users who only can reach to the shoulder.

Easily to get soreness on the wrist and shoulder when holding up hand while Comb for too long? This comb is 14.5 inches(37cm) long and specially designed to allow you the perfect reach all over your head without need to rise up your hand effortly.

Hard to comb smoothly due to the small area of grip from ordinary comb? The Etac long comb come with oval handle with a soft-grip and textured surface assures a better, comfort and more stable grip. 

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 37 cm


 90 g


Polypropylene and TPE


The Beauty product designs are registered.

etac long comb for senior parents

Sweden Etac Beauty long comb 37cm

Etac Beauty Long CombETAC is a world-leading developer of ergonomic mobility aids for people in all stages of life – from small children to the elderly. 👴👵

Award-winning products setting standards
👍Scandinavian design
👍Developed in close cooperation (industrial designers, rehab staff and users.)
✅The product fulfills the requirements for safety, health and environment, and other product specific characteristics.

iElder offer a wide range of solutions for mobility:
✅ Innovative products for bathing and toileting
✅ Aids for daily living

The Best In Terms of:
👍 Quality
👍 Simplicity
👍 Functionality
👍 Reliability
👍 Design