Yuwell Portable Phlegm Suction Unit, Model 7E-D (Battery & Electric operate)

Yuwell Portable Phlegm Suction Unit, Model 7E-D (Battery & Electric operate)

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  • High negative pressure, large flux, low noise. It is a brand new machanisme design with suction bottle hidden inside and square negative pressure meter crust completely made of plastic.
  • This design not only reduces the working noise but also makes it more fashionable and precise.
  • It adopts advance overflow protection design, which can prevent pus and mucus from leaking into machine.
  • Compact, lightweight, and easy to carry especially suitable for emergency and outside use.
  • Options: It adopts three mode to supply electricity, altenating current, direct current and batteries, so it is more suitable for lack of alternating current situation such as on vehicles and outdoor places to save and nurse patients.

Electrical Features for 7ED:

  • Voltage: AC220VΒ±10%, 50HzΒ±2% ; 12VDC
  • Max Negative Pressure Value: β‰₯ 0.075π‘€π‘ƒπ‘Ž
  • Power: ≀ 90𝑉𝐴 Pumping Rate: 15L/min
  • Noise : ≀ 65dB(A)
  • Reservoir Volume: 1000ml

This machine come together with:

  • Suction catheter size 8 and size 12, 1 each
  • 2xfilter
  • 1xtubing
  • 1xfuse

1 year warranty on manufacturing defects.

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