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*Free Shipping above RM500 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)

Lightest Standing Wheelchair | Leo II

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RM 14,490.00
RM 14,490.00 - RM 14,490.00
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Imagine doing regular exercise in a standing position?

Proven scientifically that frequent stand-ups can prevent and improve health problems associated with “long periods of wheelchair sitting” including ailments like bedsores, skin breakdowns, poor blood circulation, muscle spasms and tendon shrinkages. Furthermore, your urinary health, bowel movements and bone density can be improved by these frequent stand-up positions.

Why Leo II? It's the only lightest standing wheelchair in the world that is so stylish, lightweight and user friendly. If you enjoy using a manual wheelchair and would like to frequently stand-up by yourself, Leo II is really your best choice.

Let's face it. You want independence and with Leo II, you got it and your self-confidence will grow improving your health and quality of health. So why is Leo II the best standing wheelchair for you?

· It is suitable for paraplegics with good strength on arms, palms, and fingers. (For those with weak arms, palm or fingers, Pegasus II would be an alternative, it is also suitable for quadriplegics too. Should you want to move in standing position, please investigate the Phoenix II and Draco options)

· Leo II is the lightest standing wheelchair in the world weighing only 27kg (59 lbs) and can be reduced to 21.5kg (47 lbs) once the 4 wheels are detached by quick release function.

· The 4 wheels are detachable, and the backrest can be foldable for easy handling or storage during trips.

· Leo II is made of high-grade aircraft quality aluminium alloy boasting the best workmanship and material to meet the highest safety and durability requirements.

· Available in 14″, 16″, 18″ seat width sizes with multiple adjustable parts for different body sizes and capabilities:

· The seat depth & footrest height are adjustable to suit users with different height or leg lengths.

· With the adjustable 3-angle footrest the user can gradually tilt the footrest angle as he/she adapts to it, which helps to stretch the calf muscles and tendons while standing.

· The height of the backrest is also adjustable: Provides better support if the user requires a higher backrest or optional H-shaped harness.

· With our proprietary user-controlled stand-sit mechanism, the user can control the stand or sit movements at his own pace to prevent muscle spasm.

· Comes with different kinds of straps for the knees, calves, chest, and safety belt.

· There are also optional safety features like thigh and ankle straps, H-shape harness etc.

· Leo II is equipped with Rear Wheels Suspension by Polyurethane blocks to provide more comfortable rides.

· Those who suffer from spinal cord injuries love our products and that speaks for the quality and usability.

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