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Parallel Bars

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Parallel Bars
Parallel Bars rehabilitation
1. Overview

Do walk training by means of upper limbs, increase walk stability. Suit for patients with joints and nervous system diseases and walk training of the old. 

This product is applicable for pace training with the help of upper limbs, strengthen the walking stability, also it can rectify eversion of foot and coxa valga.

2. Basic Parameters

Parameter Names
Parameter Values
Lever Width Adjustable  Range(mm) Φ38
Lever Height Adjustable Range(mm) 340~640
Rated Load(kg) 135
Rectifying Plate Gradient 15°
External Dimensions
 (length × width× height) (mm)
3. .Service Performance
  1. Lever's width, height adjust in the range of list 1
  2. Rectifying plate gradient: 15°
  3. Lever stability: no shaking
  4. Lever rated load: 135kg
4. How to use
  1. According to trainer's need, adjust lever's width, height properly.
  2. The sufferers should do pace training followed rehabilitation experts.
  3. Do many kinds of physical training posture:
  4. Standing training, standing position balance training: help the patients finished sitting position balance stand up from wheelchair, training the balance ability.
  5. Keep and rectify joint mobility training: Hold the balance lever, touchdown on the feet, twist the diseased part, keep and add the training of lower limbs joints.

5. Matters Need Attention 

  1. Read operation instruction carefully before using balance lever, be familiar with product performance, requirement and usage method, check the product to see if it is idle load operation, it can be used in the normal state after checking.
  2. The sufferers should do training followed rehabilitation experts. Follow the "step-by-step" rule, and add the training intensity and time gradually.
  3. When adjusting the width, height of parallel bars, it is better to operate it by two persons. When adjusting the height, the bolt should be fixed on the groove of fluctuation column.
  4. After adjusting the width, height of parallel bars, make sure to fix the adjusting bolt, do pressure examination on the parallel bars by paramedics.

6. Delivery

Pre-order is required as it is a special order. Estimated 45 to 60 days arrive.