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Restraint Gloves (Per Unit) (ETA May 2024)

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【Product Name】: Limb Fixator (Restraining Glove)
【Product Alias】: Restraining Glove, Anti-Pulling Tube Glove, Corrugated Glove
【Product Model】: Adult Type - Multi-functional Type A-009-01
【Sales Unit】: Each
【Product Specifications】: Size M
【Product Color】: Green
【Product Material】: Mesh fabric, sandwich material, webbing, buckle, substrate
【Applicable Population】: Patients with impaired consciousness and restlessness with therapeutic tubes, and those with self-harming behaviors
【Product Function】: Prevent unplanned removal of therapeutic tubes, avoid scratching the skin
【Scope of Use】: Departments with a high number of patients requiring therapeutic tubes, such as intensive care units, neurology, neurosurgery, geriatrics, etc.
【Instructions for Use】:
1. Open the buckle, gently place your hand into the glove with the palm against the substrate, and place the middle finger in the loop. Adjust the buckle and Velcro position according to the size of the wrist, ensuring that there is enough space to insert one finger between the wrist and the fixation device.
2. For restless patients, the wrist can be additionally secured using a wrist restraint strap to immobilize the upper limbs parallel to the edge of the bed or other fixed objects such as wheelchairs.

【Safety Instructions】: Please use under the guidance of medical staff: Avoid wearing hard objects (such as rings, watches, etc.) on the wrist while using this product.

【Cleaning and Maintenance】:
1. Clean with water and neutral detergent, machine washable, and resistant to high-temperature disinfection.
2. Avoid contact with sharp objects and corrosive solutions.
3. Store in a non-corrosive gas, cool, ventilated, dry, and clean environment.

【Product Features】:
1. Outer layer made of mesh fabric: good breathability, sturdy, and durable, abrasion-resistant.
2. Sandwich material wrapping the substrate, sweat-absorbing, breathable, and pressure-reducing.
3. Lightweight substrate, resistant to folding and not easily broken.
4. The loop sewn onto the sandwich material restricts the range of motion of the middle finger, thereby appropriately limiting the range of motion of other fingers.
5. Large opening design at the distal end zipper facilitates clinical nurses to observe the circulation of blood at the fingertips of the user and the condition of the hand skin, and also facilitates the detection of blood oxygen saturation.

【Application Fields】:
Intensive care medicine, neurology, neurosurgery, geriatrics, and other departments with patients requiring therapeutic tubes.

1. Strictly avoid contact with sharp objects and corrosive solutions. Cleaning and soaking with disinfectant containing chlorine should not exceed 30 minutes.
2. Do not cross-use between patients to avoid cross-infection, and regularly clean and disinfect the restraining gloves.
3. Before use, check whether all parts of the restraining gloves are firm and intact. If there is any damage, please stop using it.
4. If the patient experiences local discomfort when wearing the restraining gloves, adjust appropriately.
5. The wrist should not be tied too tightly, ensuring that there is space for one or two fingers between the Velcro or buckle and the wrist.
6. Remove the restraining gloves every two hours, check the circulation of blood and the condition of the skin, and pay attention to any abnormalities.
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