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*Free Shipping above RM300 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)

SilverPad - Senior Friendly Tablet

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Nowadays, most of the elderly prefer to spend time watching TV or movies at home. This will cause the memory of the elderly is getting worse. Although physical exercises can help promote healthy and successful ageing, regular cognitive activities are very important as it can maintain brain healthy and sharpen mental skills. It has been suggested that exercising the brain is one of the ways to reduce the risk of dementia.

How should I do? Is there any recommendation? What is cognitive activity? What is the way to help our parents prevent the risk of dementia? How to help parents to keep his brain healthy?

The answer is... ... SilverPad!!!

In the face of this global pandemic, we are not able to go back to our home town to visit our parents. With Silverpad, a senior-friendly tablet and simple user interface can help our parents enjoy the benefits of the internet. SilverPad is a great help to get seniors who are not tech-savvy to get started on using a mobile device. 


SilverPad is an elder-friendly tablet with a simple interface and curated local content that enables elders to use tablets independently.

SilverPad is a complete entertainment system for elders. The simple interface tablet is optimized for use by the elderly, allowing them to navigate through music, movies, news and even games. 

Our cognitive programme is designed to keep seniors engaged through interesting and stimulating activities. While physical exercises are necessary to promote successful ageing, it has been proven that regular cognitive exercises are expedient to keep the brain healthy and sharpen mental skills. Exercising the brain has been suggested by ADA as an option to reduce dementia. 

This is for the end-user package. For institution purchase such as nursing home, kindly contact us for further information. 

Demo video here -

5 reasons why you should get SilverPad

  • Cognitive games adapted from research conducted on elderly (brain exercise category)
  • Senior friendly Design
  • Multilingual with Voice Overs
  • Asian context
  • Adaptive to their abilities


  • Multi-lingual: Available in English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil
  • Simple Interface: Redesigned interface with big buttons, large text and easy navigation
  • Cognitive Games: Research-based brain training games with multilingual voice-over
  • Local Content: Senior-friendly activities created with local content
  • Open Platform: Add any app from the Google Play Store, videos or web pages for easy access.
  • Helping Seniors embrace technology: SilverPad is being used at many senior care centres and homes to engage thousands of seniors
  • Include 100 + activities & games by SilverActivities
  • Research-based games
  • Personalised tracking
  • Daily schedule
  • Easy to use and aimed at fostering independent, engagement and preventing social isolation amongst seniors. 

Samsung tablet with SilverPad app

Options for tablet or equivalent:
1. SilverPad with 8.7" Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite with WIFI or LTE (Sim card slot)
2. SilverPad with 10.5" Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 with WIFI or LTE (Sim card slot)

Country of Origin: Singapore

Hardware: 1 year warranty on manufacturing defects.

Support Renewal (Optional) RM150
1. SilverPad Updates
2. Cognitive Game Updates
3. WhatsApp/Phone Support

Within West Malaysia - Free delivery.
East Malaysia/International Delivery - Refer to courier fee upon check out.


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