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*Free Shipping above RM500 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)

Transfer Belt (Waist and Leg Type)

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Reduces the workload of caregivers when turning and repositioning bedridden individuals, refined nylon sliding surface coating reduces friction during care, making body movement and transitions smoother.

Product Material:

Thick cotton fabric, nylon handle, 60D high elasticity sponge pressure relief pad, YKK buckle, firmly secured with Velcro, approximately supports up to 200KG.


Safely and effortlessly move short distances between the bed and wheelchair for the protection of the elderly or patients, can be used for exercise and walking, caregivers can hold the pulling loop to prevent sudden falls. When the elderly or patients stand up, caregivers can hold the waist belt and assist in standing up. Can be used as an auxiliary belt for wheelchairs, backrest chairs, and nursing beds to assist with standing up.

Usage Scenarios:

Bed, bed exchanges, repositioning, and care.

Benefits for Care Recipients: Waist and Leg Type Product Selling Points:

  1. Body support with good stability: Supports the legs and waist with good stability.
  2. Designed in multiple directions for easy gripping: Easy-to-grip vertical and horizontal hand straps.
  3. Convenient buckle design for easy use: Securely fastened with a safety buckle, simple and convenient to use.
  4. Adjustable waist length to accommodate various users.

Usage Instructions:
1. Grab the handle of the waist belt.
2. Hold the handle and pull the care recipient towards you.
3. Smoothly proceed with assisted standing.
4. Provides support for the body and allows easy cleaning of specific areas.

Features and Benefits
Product Specifications

M size
1. waist length: 114cm
2. waist width: 15cm
3. leg length: 86cm
5. Waist size:68cm to 100cm

Shipping & Installation

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