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*Free Shipping above RM500 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)
*Free Shipping above RM500 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)

Walk-In Bathtub for Elderly | iElder

Original price RM 8,800.00 - Original price RM 11,800.00
Original price
RM 8,800.00
RM 8,800.00 - RM 11,800.00
Current price RM 8,800.00

Walk-in Bathtub for Elderly caring for the elderly to maintain health and hygiene.


Main Material White Acrylic

51 x 29 1/2 x 37 inch

Full water volume 60-65 gallons
Full Time
3-4 minutes
Drain time
2 minutes
Standard configuration

1. Five-piece faucet: handrail
2. Drainer
3. Small nozzles
4. Large nozzles
5. Inner seat 15CM


Additional accessories

  • 6 LED lights with bubble bath  RM550;                        
  • constant temperature RM500;
    (must be matched with computer control panel)
  • Computer version control  RM500;                                          
  • BT and Ozone USB RM300;
  • One-sided skirt RM200;
  • handrail RM100/set;
  • 12' TV RM1700;
  • plywood packaging  RM400



This is just indicative pricing. Please provide the following information so we can recommend the most suitable bathtub:

1. Is the user reliant on a wheelchair?
2. What is the user's body weight and height?
3. Do you require a massage system?
4. Are you replacing a conventional tub with a walk-in tub or building a new bathroom?
5. Please provide your delivery address to check the delivery and installation fee.

Features and Benefits

10 BENEFITS of a soaking bath

1. Dredge the meridian

It can relax muscles and bones, open up the body's meridians, promote the body's circulation, and is effective for all kinds of wind pain.

2. Blood detoxification

Can improve the body's metabolism. Promotes blood circulation and helps eliminate internal waste and liver and kidney toxins.

3. Detoxification

It can penetrate deep into subcutaneous tissue, wash the whole body, avoid bacteria, and help to exfoliate and whiten skin.

4. Clear fatigue

It can penetrate deep into subcutaneous tissue, wash the whole body, avoid bacteria, and help to exfoliate and whiten skin.

5. Activated cell

By fumigation, system cells can be made active and physical fitness can be actively improved to increase immune function.

6. Strengthening function

It can stimulate the human micro-circulation system and improve the body's function.

7. Slimming

It can help respiration, eliminate excess heat, burn excess fat, and make the body slim, bumpy and tangible.

8. Beauty spot removal

It can regulate the endocrine, improve regulation, prevent gynaecological disease and eliminate pigmentation.

9. Improve sleeping

Bathing for 20 minutes is equivalent to 30 minutes of exercise, and after entering the bath, you can go to deep sleep and feel relaxed after waking up.

10. Improve cold hands and feet

It can promote blood circulation and improve the body's circulatory system to make the whole body blood circulation.

Product Specifications

with massage function
White acrylic ;
Two-sided skirt;
Five-piece faucet;
3 small nozzles; 6 large nozzles;
Wooden frame packaging

Without massage function:
White acrylic ;
Two-sided skirt;
Five-piece faucet;
Wooden frame packaging


The cylinder block is 3 years,
and the motor and accessories are 1 year.

Shipping & Installation

HS code: 9019101000

Pre-order. 2-month lead time upon confirmation of order.
Call us for the transporter fee by providing delivery address. Additional charges are required.

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