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*Free Shipping above RM500 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)
*Free Shipping above RM500 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)

Wireless Nurse Calling System for Home User, Nursing Home, Hospitals

Original price RM 1,230.00 - Original price RM 2,980.00
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RM 1,230.00
RM 1,230.00 - RM 2,980.00
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Better communication promotes better healthcare for patients and families!

Wireless Nurse Call System
This is an efficient emergency wireless nurse call transmitting location information to both the wireless receiver fixed to a nurse station and the portable receiver carried by the nurse in charge at the same time as soon as a paging bell mounted on the wall of a patient room, toilet or bathroom is pressed in case of emergency so that they can quickly respond to the situation. 

Wireless Paging System at home
Patients press the call button, room or bed number will be shown on the receiver. Care Giver/Nurse are also able to check the calls by the pager.


  • It makes possible to respond to the emergency situation quickly and correctly.
  • As a wireless system, it is economic as it costs less in installation and maintenance.
  • It is easily expandable and relocated to another place.
  • It can be configured in various ways depending on the environment of the facilities and the behaviour pattern of inpatients.
  • Signals are transmitted to both a fixed monitor type receiver and a portable receiver at the same time.
  • It just requires only simple operation to add new registration or change the system configuration without additional construction after initially installed.
  • As multiple wireless transmission method is employed in this system, each receiver works
  • Using RFID
  • Cover 50 meter radius, if need wider coverage, then need to install repeater
  • Using battery, average can last for 1.5years to 2 years


  • HIGH RELIABILITY - Signal is highly reliable, stable & guaranteed
  • INEXPENSIVE - Affordable price for installation, maintenance & troubleshooting
  • EASY MAINTENANCE - a system that can be maintained easily
  • FAST RESPONSE - Accurate info enable nurse on duty to respond accordingly
  • HIGH DURABILITY - Tough built, design to withstand any condition
  • USER FRIENDLY - Easy to use by both patient's & hospital staff
  • LOCAL TEAM - after sales services
  • Quality Assurance
  • 1 year warranty
  • Product of Korea


  • Home User

Hospitals, medical facilities and healthcare offices understand that optimizing patient flow is an integral part of providing effective patient care. Our solution offers the most complete and reliable nurse call system that allow you to communicate with your patients more effectively such as nurse call system, etc. We have institution package as well and suitable for 

  • Hospitals - this products been used by top notch hospitals in Malaysia
  • Nursing Homes
  • Confinement Centers
  • Healthcare institutions
  • Clinics
Conventional Our products
System Type Wired Wireless (RFID)
System Cost High - restricted ability & no pager Cheaper - comes with pager system
Cost for installation maintenance & troubleshooting High - high installation cost & electrical works Very Low
Installation, maintenance & troubleshooting works Difficult & time consuming Easy & Fast
User friendly Yes Very user friendly
Mobility No Yes


Contact us for more information. With our products, you can improve the patient experience quickly and easily.

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