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[February 2021 Astro] Halal & Haram Dalam Perubatan (Halal & Haram In Medicine)

[February 2021 Astro] Halal & Haram Dalam Perubatan (Halal & Haram In Medicine)


Halal & Haram Dalam Perubatan (Halal & Haram In Medicine)


The issue of HALAL & HARAM DALAM PERUBATAN has always been a hot topic of conversation to this day. - Astro AWANI

Maintaining the well-being and health of the body has always been a priority for many. However, while some of us are seeking treatment and receiving medicines, the question of halal and haram medicine arises from a group of individuals regardless of race, ethnicity or religion.
Nowadays, it continues to be a hot topic of conversation and creates various stigmas as well as beliefs. The skepticism also created several groups, including anti-vaccines, modern anti-medicine, denying hospital treatment, and even openly switching to alternative medicine such as village medicine, heritage medicine, exotic, shaman, and even ‘social media doctors’.

Reasons often given such as not trusting the content used, slow treatment and difficulty setting an appointment also contribute to such doubts. Meanwhile, cheaper costs offered by irresponsible individuals also affect the group.


So, what are the steps and solutions that can be done to curb this matter? What should be done to solve these problems and doubts?

Feel free to join us in an in-depth discussion through the AWANI webinar - The New Normal Series S26 discussing the issue of Halal & Haram Dalam Perubatan.

Moderator: Dzulfitri Yusof [Editor Kanan, Astro AWANI]


  1. Dr. Rushdi Ramli [Ahli Jawatankuasa, Persatuan Perubatan, Pengubatan dan Kebajikan Islam Malaysia (Darussyifa')]
  2. Prof. Dr. Irwan Mohd Subri [Pengarah Besar, International Fatwa & Halal Centre (IFFAH), USIM]
  3. Dr. Kong Why Hong[General Secretary, Persatuan Tabib Tionghua Malaysia (MCMA)]

Date: 10 February 2021 (Wednesday)

Time: 11.00 a.m.

Register now at:

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