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Australian Sousvide Meat Distribution Opportunities in Asia

Australian Sousvide Meat Distribution Opportunities in Asia


I am currently handling a food research work for elderly people and training curriculum for it based on the Active Ageing Framework that meets Australian Age Care Standards, 1997, 2018), Dietary Guidelines for old aged Consumption and Food Standards.

In my line of work, I have come across an interesting food idea that you may be interested in for elderly care food consumption. It is a “Sous Vide” cooking process that has a world wide reputation for quality, reduced labour, and efficient food service.This is impossible with Ala Carte!

Sous Vide food can feed large crowd, 500-5000 people at the same time because it only takes reheating or short cooking time to serve them because the sousvide meat has been precooked.

This sousvide system produces extra tenderness, succulent meat at reduced kitchen costs, ease of use - ready to be easily reheated in minutes, and long shelf life for about 10 weeks refrigerated, and longer when frozen.

Some of you would have come across the 'sousvide' term from fine restaurant cooking, like those showcased in Master Chef Culinary Competition shows or Celebrity Cook programs.

Sous Vide system was developed by a French Chef George Pralus who discovered the Sous Vide system in 1974 whilst trying to reduce the cook-out in "Pate de Foie Gras" He wrapped the goose liver in plastic film to cook out the goose liver in reduced time. What he discovered was, the smell and taste was enhanced by it .Soon large cooking equipment manufacturer saw the benefits of this new cooking system and designed the sophisticated "Sous Vide" cooking equipment.

The "Cryvac Vacuum Shrink Barrier Bags" from the USA were the obvious choice of packaging for the products - and the Sous Vide system was quickly adopted by large Convention Centres throughout the world.

I am happy to provide a demonstration of the sousvide meat sampling with at your convenience. I can be reached at +6019872981 (Malaysia) and +61490100669 (Australia).


Below are some questions that could be raised on sousvide meat:

Why sousvide process is the best way to consume meat ?

The sousvide meat has been precooked slowly for a long time, at a low temperature, in its own juice. The long time cooking at approx.70*C kills nearly all bacteria and spores - giving a long shelf life stored at < 5*C. For example most roast meats have been cooked for more than 10 hours at approx 70*C.

Who is supplier?
The company that produces the sousvide meat is Broypin Meat Pty Ltd, a family run production plant, based in Sydney.The company employ 100 staff and they produced 100 tonnes of sousvide meat daily. Weekly sales is close to 1 million. Their customers include restaurants, hospitals, aged care and third party orders from supermarket chains IGA, Aldi, Safeway & Cole's.

Does it meet food compliance standards?
All meat products at the sousvide meat facility are regularly tested by Food Authorities and are Vulnerable Persons approved because the product is cooked with a full HACAPP (hazard analysis critical control point) plan in place. And the production plant has consistently won Government contracts.

How is beneficial to older age person?
Because elderly people are vulnerable because of their physical and mental state, their distinctive choices for familiar food will excite them to eat well. Furthermore it meets the daily nutritional value and are, easy for to prepare.

Market Potential
The demand for quality and familiar tasting food for the elderly individuals in hospital, aged care centres and in their own home has never been so clearly defined as now. This is because the Royal Commission of Ageing in Australia, has mandated that every resident in aged care is entitled to their ethnic food.

This is important to an elderly person who is used to eating their own food, growing up and are distinct in their choice to maintain that diet during their old age.

Hence, food that is prepared from sousvide cooking method is quick, safe and easy to serve. It also meets the food safety quality standards, therefore, making it very suitable to serve in food establishments such as residential care, private homes, hospitals, restaurants and cafe.

Sousvide meat not only meets the palate satiation of elderly people who enjoys their meat as part of their protein source, it furthermore comes with a variety of sauces that makes it distinctively, one own types of food.

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