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[Case Study in China] Suggestions Checklist for Aging-in-Place Home Modification Project for Elderly Individuals

[Case Study in China] Suggestions Checklist for Aging-in-Place Home Modification Project for Elderly Individuals

During my visit to the Guangzhou Elderly Care Service Industry Association in April 2023, I was thrilled and honored to witness their warm hospitality. We had a productive meeting discussing potential business collaborations with our Chinese counterparts.

Guangzhou Elderly Care Service Industry Association.

elderly ageing in place China iElder

Elderly Care Association China

checklist for home modification


One highlight of the visit was the opportunity to tour a mock-up showcase home, which was a commendable initiative by Guangzhou province. The showcase provided valuable insights and inspiration for individuals seeking to modify their homes for their aging parents. It was impressive to see the dedication to creating age-friendly environments.

I was also delighted to learn about the subsidies and financial assistance programs offered by the Chinese government specifically for home modifications. This support is instrumental in helping families make the necessary changes to accommodate the needs of their elderly loved ones.

During the tour, we gathered some helpful tips, such as paying attention to layout and accessibility, ensuring adequate lighting and contrast, and making functional modifications to enhance independence. Safety and fall prevention measures, including grab bars and non-slip flooring, were also emphasized. Additionally, integrating technology and assistive devices can greatly improve comfort and convenience for the elderly.

Layout and Accessibility:

Observe the layout of the home, paying attention to the ease of movement and accessibility for elderly individuals.

Note the placement of key areas such as bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and living spaces to understand how they are optimized for convenience.

home modification for elderly bedroom

Lighting and contrast: Ensure adequate indoor lighting and use contrasting colors to help the elderly identify objects and distinguish hallway boundaries. Install convenient switches and lighting fixtures to make it easier for the elderly to locate and operate them in the dark.

Guangzhou Elderly Care Service Industry Association kitchen

Kitchen renovation: Lower the height of cabinets and countertops to make them more accessible for the elderly. Install safety equipment such as portable fire extinguishers and gas leak detectors.

home modification for elderly kitchen

Functional Modifications:

Examine modifications that enhance the functionality of the home, such as adjustable countertops, easy-to-reach storage, and appliances designed for ease of use.

Pay attention to features that promote independence, such as lever-style faucets, remote-controlled lighting, or automated systems.


dining for ageing in place


bathroom home modification for elderly

Safety and Fall Prevention:

Look for safety features like grab bars, handrails, non-slip flooring, and well-lit areas.

Take note of any modifications made to reduce the risk of falls and ensure overall safety within the home.

Bathroom renovation: Install accessible bathtubs, toilets, and sinks that are designed for easy use by the elderly. Ensure that the bathroom floor is non-slip to minimize the risk of accidents.


Guangzhou Elderly Care Service Industry Association toilet

Barrier-free design: Ensure wide pathways without obstacles inside and outside the house, and install handrails and non-slip flooring to facilitate the elderly's movement and reduce the risk of falls.

Guangzhou Elderly Care Service Industry Association living hall

elderly ageing in place information living hall

Guangzhou Elderly Care Service Industry Association.

technology for ageing in place

Technology and Assistive Devices:

Take note of the integration of technology, such as home automation systems, emergency call systems, or assistive devices that enhance comfort and convenience.


elderly ageing in place information

It is important to remember that these suggestions should be tailored to the specific needs and layout of each home. Consulting with professionals like occupational therapists or interior designers can ensure effective and personalized modifications.

Overall, my visit to the Guangzhou Elderly Care Service Industry Association was enlightening, and I am grateful for the insights gained during the tour of the mock-up showcase home. The warm hospitality and commitment to creating age-friendly environments in China were truly commendable.

iElder, committed to specializing in home modification, is dedicated to enhancing the living conditions of elderly individuals. They have successfully completed numerous small home modification projects, ensuring that homes are safe and suitable for aging in place. Here are some key highlights of their initiatives:

1. iElder has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Monash University to collaborate on delivering innovative solutions for Malaysians to age in place. This partnership enables the development and implementation of cutting-edge approaches and technologies in home modifications. More info

2. Another significant MOU was established between iElder and Act4Health, a spin-off company under the University of Malaya. This collaboration focuses on providing senior health and home hazard assessment, as well as modification training. Additionally, they conduct assessment visits to homes, identifying potential hazards and recommending appropriate modifications. More info

3. To ensure the highest quality of work, iElder collaborates closely with experienced contractors who specialize in home modification. This collaboration enables seamless execution of modification projects, ensuring that the homes meet the specific needs and preferences of the elderly individuals. More info

4. iElder team has also paid a visit to Malaysian Research Institute on Ageing (MyAgeing), emphasizing their commitment to staying updated with the latest advancements and best practices in the aging care industry. This visit enables them to gather valuable insights, exchange knowledge, and strengthen expertise in home modifications.

Through these initiatives and collaborations, iElder demonstrates its dedication to providing innovative and comprehensive solutions for aging in place. Their partnerships with esteemed institutions and organizations, along with their commitment to continuous learning, position them as a trusted provider in the field of home modifications for the elderly.

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