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*Free Shipping above RM500 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)
2023中马经济展望论坛暨中马文旅康养考察团 China Elderly Care Delegates visited Malaysia

2023中马经济展望论坛暨中马文旅康养考察团 China Elderly Care Delegates visited Malaysia

On Sunday, March 26th, 2023, at 11:30 am, Mr Chen Wenguang, the President of the Guangzhou Elderly Care Service Industry Association, Mr Lv Jincang, the Vice President of the Hebei Medical and Elderly Care Integration Promotion Association, Mr Wang Hu, the Executive President of the Elderly Care Industry Committee of the China Asian Economic Development Association and China elderly care delegates, and a team from the Malaysian Small and Medium Enterprises Association exchanged views for one hour at KL Wellness City. Olivia Quah, Co-founder and Executive Director of iElder, attended the meeting to share about Snapshot of Elderly Care Industry in Malaysia and also introduced Malaysian Residential Care Operators Association (AGECOPE) and also Malaysia Coalition on Ageing (MCOA).

Dr Kong and Olivia Quah from iElder will visit Shenzen China on 21-24 April 2023 to explore any collaboration with China counterparts. 

在2023年3月26日星期日早上11点半,广州养老服务产业协会会长陈文广、河北省医养结合促进会副会长吕金仓、中国亚洲经济发展协会养老产业委员会执行会长王虎等和马来西亚中小企业公会团队在KL Wellness City交流一个小时。 iElder联合创始人兼执行董事Olivia Quah也代表马来西亚住宅老年护理经营者协会出席这交流会。

iElder 的领导Dr Kong和 Olivia Quah将于2023年4月21日至24日访问中国深圳,探索与中国同行的任何合作。






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