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*Free Shipping above RM500 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)
Make An Appointment with Dr Kong Why Hong

Make An Appointment with Dr Kong Why Hong


郭伟康医生 , 中医师 , 医学博士

  • M.D. (Ukraine)
  • Bcs of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Guangzhou, China)
  • PhD of Chinese Medicine- Oncology (Nanjing, China)
  • Integrative Medicine Consultant (TCM) 中西医结合中医专科
  • Asian Integrated Medical Sdn Bhd, AIM Healthcare (Founder & Managing Director)
  • Council member of Traditional & Complementary Medicine, Ministry of Health Malaysia
  • Malaysia Chinese Medical Association, MCMA (Secretary General)

About Dr Kong Why Hong

About Dr. Kong Why Hong

Dr. Kong Why Hong graduated as a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) physician in the Guangzhou University of TCM (China) in 1998. In 2010 Dr Kong completed his medical degree at the Crimea State Medical University (Ukraine). Being passionate in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine spurred him on to complete his PhD at Nanjing University. Today, Dr Kong wears many hats- He currently works as the Resident doctor in Poliklinik Perdana, Taman Cheras Perdana, is the Chief Chinese Physician in AIM HEALTHCARE ACUPUNCTURE TCM CENTER and a visiting lecturer at Inti and Xiamen universities.

For more than 20 years, Dr Kong practised his traditional Chinese medicine at his clinics in Malaysia. He also reached out to practice TCM in London in the United Kingdom and Ukraine where he was pursuing his medical degree. Added to his accolades are his many years of medical practice experience (in the emergency and rehabilitation departments) of the government hospitals. He was a Senior Assistant Director in the Traditional & Complimentary Division of the Ministry of Health, Malaysia. He was also the Head of Clinical for GHHS MINES wellness city.  Dr. Kong is a registered medical doctor with the Malaysia Medical Council (MMC), a lifetime member of Malaysia Chinese Medical Association (MCMA), Acupuncture Association of Malaysia (MAAM) and the Malaysia Oncology Society (MOS).


  • 2015 - 2018:  PhD in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) (Nanjing University of TCM, China)
  • 2004 - 2010: Medical Doctor (MD), Crimea State Medical University (CSMU), Ukraine
  • 1993 - 1998: Bachelor’s degree in Medical Science of Traditional Chinese Medicine Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine BSc (TCM) G.Z. Uni TCM, P.R. Ch


  • 2017 till now:  General Secretary of Malaysia Chinese Medical Association (MCMA)
  • 2016 till 2017:  Academic Director of Malaysia Chinese Medical Association (MCMA)
  • 2015 till now:  Vice Chairman of Nursing Care Association Selangor (NCAS)
  • 2013:  Lifetime member of the Malaysia Oncology Society
  • 2012 till now: Full registration under Malaysian Medical Council (MMC)
  • 1998 till now: Registered TCM Practitioner certified by Ministry of Health, Malaysia
  • Life time member of the Malaysian Chinese Medical Association(MCMA)
  • Lifetime member of the Acupuncture Association of Malaysia (MAAM)

About Asian Integrated Medical Sdn Bhd (AIM Healthcare)

What is your preference when you are sick? Will you seek the services of a medical doctor or a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner? ​
Who are Integrative doctors and are they the best bet now?

Our vision to Integrative Medicine is to bridge the gap between conventional and complementary medicine. 

An Integrative doctor is one who has the qualification, the knowledge and experience of both TCM and modern medicines. He must be able to combine the best therapies of modern medicine with the best available alternative TCM medicine (from the East and West).

He must neither reject modern medicine nor accept TCM uncritically.

Modern medicine is needed especially when it comes to the handling of emergency cases. For instance, if there is massive injury to a person or when a person is in a life-threatening situation.

On the other hand, Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture treat the root causes and manage pain by using natural therapies. TCM has no side effects, it is inexpensive and non-invasive compared to modern medicine.

The downside to the practice of TCM is that it is not well regulated and has led to the emergence of unlicensed or fake practitioners in the market. There are many cases reported in the media about patients being cheated frequently.

An example to share how the role of Integrative medicine plays in the management of Cancer treatment.

A Cancer patient may need an oncologist to remove a tumour or to undergo radiotherapy or chemotherapy once a diagnosis is made. An Integrative doctor on the other hand looks at the patient's body, mind, and spirit in totality by using acupuncture and Chinese herb medicine. Ultimately the best way would be to combine the various medical modalities and therapies in a strategic way to normalise and optimise the health pillars to induce healing.

The AIM Healthcare TCM integrative clinic is designed with providing holistic treatment with specialisation in cancer, stroke, and pain management. It brings acupuncture and Chinese herb medicine directly into a conventional cancer therapy setting and treatment is tailored specifically to the patient's needs.

Our founder is a qualified medical doctor by profession and a licensed TCM practitioner, who has vast knowledge and experience in the field of western and holistic medicine. Not resting on his laurels, Dr Kong is also carrying out further research to better understand how acupuncture can complement cancer treatment. Who knows- The day will dawn in the future where we will be able to understand how acupuncture can best help each individual patient?

Service Offered

Integrative medicine consultation and treatment 


Specialised services

Conditions that benefit from TCM treatments:

  • Neurological Conditions
    Headache, Migraine, Stroke, Facial Paralysis
  • Digestive System Disorders
    Gastritis, Constipation, Loss of Appetite
  • Pain Management
    Back / Neck / Shoulder / Elbow / Wrist / Hip / Knee / Ankle Pain, Arthritis, Sciatica, Tennis Elbow, Herniated Disc, Slipped Disc
  • Respiratory Conditions
    Asthma, Influenza, Acute Rhinitis, Sinusitis
  • Emotions & Stress Related Conditions
    Anxiety, chronic fatigue, depression, insomnia
  • Women’s Health
    Infertility, Irregular Menstruation, Painful Menstruation, Premenstrual Syndrome, Dysmenorrhea
  • Skin Conditions
    Acne, Eczema, Dermatitis
  • Men’s health
    Impotence, Prostatitis
  • Cancer
    Cancer Aftercare

More info: Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine



Poliklinik Perdana, Cheras Perdana

10, Jalan CP6/50, Taman Cheras Perdana, Cheras, Selangor

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday 8.30am to 12pm

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 8.30am to 7pm

Tel: +6012-2865039

Email address:

KPJ Tawakkal/SS2 TCM center

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 2pm to 4pm (pls fix an appointment before coming) 

Subject to change without further notice. 

Book an Appointment



Youtube: Dr Kong Why Hong | 郭伟康医生

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