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Puan Muji and Lily Fu: Our Stories Our Legacy

Empowering Seniors: The Inspiring Journey of Lily Fu

lily Fu Seniors Aloud

Meet Lily Fu, a compassionate and devoted daughter with a heart of gold. Her unwavering love for her elderly mother, led her mother on a remarkable journey to ensure her comfort and well-being during her golden years.

As her mother's health began to decline, Lily realized that caring for her at home was becoming increasingly challenging. Determined to find the best care possible, Lily set out to find a suitable nursing home that could cater to her mother's specialized needs.

Her search took her to various nursing homes in the city, where she encountered numerous challenges. Lily was not just looking for top-notch medical care; she wanted a place that treated its residents with the utmost respect and dignity.

Driven by her passion for advocating seniors' issues, Lily had a strong educational background. Holding a Master's degree in Applied Gerontology from NTU Singapore and a Master's in the Teaching of English as a Second Language from University Malaya, she was also a certified professional trainer.

In 2008, Lily founded SeniorsAloud, the first online seniors community, where she shared valuable insights, organized events, and wrote about issues affecting seniors. Her platform gained a dedicated following of seniors who eagerly read her postings and attended the community's events.

Lily's commitment to advocating for seniors extended to her involvement with various organizations, including being the first editor of The Senior Magazine published by Third Age Media and serving as an integral committee member of the University of the Third Age (U3A) KL & Selangor  She is also The Star's Columnist and also involve in advocacy work for the Malaysian Coalition on Ageing.

With over eleven years of experience working with NGOs for senior citizens and conducting extensive research on nursing homes, Lily had gained invaluable knowledge and expertise in aged care facilities and retirement homes.

meniti senja film lily fu

Source: The Star

Embracing the role of a filmmaker, Lily embarked on a new project titled "Meniti Senja." The short film highlighted the poignant story of Puan Muji Sulaiman, a retired nurse, who established Malaysia's first private Muslim aged care home in 1998. Puan Muji's dedication touched the hearts of many, as she provided a safe haven for elderly patients upon their discharge from hospitals.

Meniti Senja Film about Senior Care Center

Puan Muji Sulaiman and Lily Fu


To raise funds for her advocacy work, Lily initiated a book project titled "Our Stories, Our Legacy." The book brought together 38 heartfelt stories of growing up in Malaya/Malaysia during the transformative decades of the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. These cherished recollections of the Merdeka generation showcased the power of memories and life experiences.


Our Stories, Our Legacy book

Seniors Aloud: Our Stories, Our Legacy

With the proceeds from book sales, Lily and her team showed her appreciation for Puan Muji by investing in fitness and wellness products from iElder for the care home. Her actions exemplified the spirit of gratitude and selflessness that had guided her advocacy work.

Currently, Lily's focus is on projects related to "Healthy Ageing" and "Ageing-in-Place," as she believes this will become the preferred option for many elderly individuals in the near future. 

In conclusion, Lily Fu's journey is an inspiring tale of love, determination, and advocacy. Through her tireless efforts, she has made a significant impact on the lives of seniors in Malaysia, ensuring that they are treated with respect, dignity, and compassion as they age gracefully.

Her dedication to empowering seniors and preserving their stories for future generations is truly commendable, and her legacy will continue to enrich the lives of countless individuals in the years to come.

fund raising for old folks home

Handover ceremony 

senior home movie Malaysia

dedicated care giver in nursing home care center



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