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*Free Shipping above RM500 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)
Ageing in Place

Ageing in Place

Do you know that there will be exponential increase in the number of 65 years old in ASEAN including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and etc?Nowadays, a senior citizen is expected to live longer average about 85 years old.

In view of this, social and healthcare needs are changing. There is greater need for social support, greater risk of social isolation, more hospital visits and longer hospital stays and more long term care needs. Most of elderly prefer to live at their home instead of staying at nursing home. Then, how to enable seniors to age in place?


There are two ways

First, Keep seniors healthy, active and safe.

To keep seniors healthy, active and safe, we need the following

  • Keeping seniors healthy - All seniors is required to get screened early and exercise will lead to healthy lifestyles. It is important to have social interest group to keep seniors physically, mentally and socially active. It is advisable to have programme such as lifelong learning and senior volunteerism.
  • Senior friendly housing and towns -In fact, studio apartment is an ideal place for them fitted with senior friendly feature. Downsizing their home to a smaller unit is a good choice. With high concentration of seniors, it is a must to have a senior friendly road areas in place and also barrier free access.
  • Building a senior friendly communities. Seniors need to have friends and know where to get help when required. For those who live alone, they must regularly engaged by the community. They can get around their house and town safely and confidently.


Second, we must provide access to quality and affordable care

  • Improving accessibility - To expand healthcare capacity for seniors is important. new acute community hospital need to be built every year. Expanding home and community care with nursing homes as back up.
  • Enhancing quality - primary care as the focus  of healthcare delivery instead of acute care. Now the focus should be on preventive and long term care. Making home care more comprehensive to support care at home such as home rehab, dementia support, home palliative. 
  • Enhancing affordability - making the longterm care more affordable. For example, basic financial protection for those who require long term care. aim is to enable seniors to age in place. Please contact us if you have any concern on ageing in place. 

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