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5 Bedroom Safety Tips for Seniors at Home

Home modification, home improvement and renovation may require for your elderly parents? You can simply tour your parent's house yourself and look for places where she has to bend, reach, stoop, or step over something. Look for anything that might trip her up or get in her way. 

There are all sorts of ways to make a bedroom safer and life easier for elderly parents. Below are 5 bedroom safety tips for Seniors at home.

1. Create ample space and safe walkway

Remove loose rugs. Place non-slip mats and tape on slippery surfaces.

Keep loose items off the floor. Avoid clutter and obstructions. Cluttered spaces will increase your risk for a fall. Ensure your bedroom is clear of any unnecessary furniture or bulky items. Keep cords near the wall and not running across the floor.

It is extremely crucial to create an environment preventing elderly get hurts from their daily activities. The multifunctional Anti-Slip mat is an easy -to-use handy tool, especially designed for elderly. Double-sided designed with waterproof and Anti-slip. Patented material with Anti-microbial, Anti-mildew & Fire-retardant.

 2. Ensure all furniture are stable.

Chairs should be tall enough to get into and out of easily, and have strong armrests and high backs that ca be used for support. If neccessary, keep a walker or cane by the chair or look into lift chair that lift a person up and lower him down, so your parents can get in and out easily. 

Furniture legs that curve outward create a tripping hazard. Move such furniture out of pathway or get rid of it.  Repair broken or wobbly furniture immediately.


3. Keep a light -  a lamp, light switch or nightlight- near your bed.

Older eyes need more light and don't adjust quickly to changes in lighting, so lighting should be bright and evenly distributed. Avoid hallways that lead into brightly lighted stairways. 

Use motion night light in the hallway and bedroom and anywhere else your parents might venture at night.  

4. Consider bringing wooden bed with hospital feature can elevate bedrest and footrest.

Home Care beds are ideal for home rest and relaxation. Generally, electric beds reminds people of hospitals. This simple home-style electric bed with solid wooden bed frames can be completely integrated into your bedroom setting. The backrest and the feet can be raised to help people who have difficulty getting up, and also reducing the burden of caregivers. 

Alternatively, you can choose bedrail and backrest instead.


5. Keep the wardrobe organized and within easy reach. 

Buy clothes that are easy to put on and take off (for example, clothes that have less buttons). Place a stable chair near them; if they are easily tired, they can sit while wearing clothes.

At, we have professional team include occupational therapist can examine your parent's home for hazards and show you how to make it more accessible and also can recommend suitable products with quote to you.



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 5 bedroom safety tips for seniors at home

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