Do you need a solution for your nursing home?

         Do you know that there are about 3000 nursing homes that have registered in malaysia . If a single nursing home had about 50 resident. The total amount is estimated about 150000 resident in malaysia. 

we would like to share with you why so many nursing homes would like to buy  product from us:-

1) Convinient

Therefore, we at iElder(www.ielder,asia) want to help nursing homes to solve their problems like lack of necessities such as a disposable product like Diapers,Nutrition  Powder(Ensure Gold),Gloves,Wet tissue,Antibacteria Wipes, Rash Cream and Oitment.For example,Some nursing home found it difficult to find a genuine supllier to purcahse convieniently due to busy schedule at the nursing homes.thus,we at IElder( provide online platform for you to purchase at your convenients and goods delivered right to your doorstep.


We at IElder found that many of the nursing homes often had difficulties to find a  reasonable and affrodable prices for their needs and the necessary equiqment such as Hosptal bed,ripple matress,Wheelchair,and many more. Therefore, IElder ( offered the best price for the best quality product that made from conturies such as German,Japan,and Korea.We also have bulk purchase for diapers and many more.

3.CARE BEGINS AT HOME helps to get you ready to take care your elderly at home due to our product design that is stylish and elderly friendly. We found that some resident family find it difficult to purchase the best quality care product and equipment in their homes.thus,we at iElder help those who needed the most quality product to their doorstep.


Some of the resident family member feld obligated to help other through donation. We at provide the product care that the nursing home needed the most and with the online platform the wait is over for the product to delivered to the doorstep of the nursing home.


Do we get the warranty if anything happens to the product?. No worries iElder ensure that the product that we sells or supplies had warranties and apporoved by the authorities from MDA,MKN  before we sells the product.


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