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*Free Shipping above RM500 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)
Hiring Seniors back into the workforce - a boon

Hiring Seniors back into the workforce - a boon

Being a first-time hire chosen from Hire.seniors was something new to me when I first decided to rope into this new venture. This was also the first time I came across a venture of engaging the services of retirees. Yes - retired people who are healthy, and fit have so much to contribute and are valuable assets to the workforce. I thought it was a great idea and was waiting for the opportunity when a job suited to my credentials and experience would arise. Many months later there was an opening for the role of a copywriter needed by a company who was a distributor of high-quality aged care & medical technology and healthcare products and services. After the interview I was given the position as a copywriter at

Why did I rope myself into this area - working after retirement?

There were many reasons. In the first place, receiving a monthly income was a good incentive. Keeping busy daily was so important to me as I was used to working for over 4 decades. The thought of staying home with nothing to do was daunting. Apart from being busy, keeping the mind alert to avoid mental degradation was one sure way of delaying the onset of dementia which was a scary thought. Furthermore, sharing my experience, vision and ideas to the younger people was also something I could contribute. Providing a valuable check and balance by integrating the ideas between the experienced elders with the creativity and innovation of the younger generation would be a good combination.

What can we retirees offer to the existing workforce?

Firstly, we have a wealth of experience, we have the expertise, the life skills, and the knowledge. Self-discipline is something we practice, and we take a lot of pride in our work. Completing the job with the details and perfection is second nature to us and we are focused on the task at hand after having carried out a job for years. With the experience we racked up over the years, we have the capability to become mentors and coaches for the younger workforce as they gain from our advice, knowledge, and skills.

Coping with the rapid pace of Digitization?

The rapid pace of the IT industry and digitisation has been a disadvantage to the older generation as they are not so tech-savvy. However, seniors can adapt to changes fast enough if given the right retraining. As a retiree learning and going into the online realm was exciting for me as these were new initiatives. There is no end to learning new things in our fast-paced life as that keeps us ‘young’ giving the confidence so needed to maintain our self-esteem and self-worth.

Was going back to work after retirement worth it?

Yes, it is a big boon to us seniors to be recognised and given the opportunity to play our part, keep us busy and motivated and still be income generating. Terima Kasih Hire. Seniors for thinking about this group of people and giving them re- employment. A big thank you to for giving me the opportunity to be a part of their journey.

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Nazneen Ariff - October 14, 2021

I was lost during the pandemic, the center where I was serving was closed down, really was going into depression, but found Hire.Senior, that day was a turning point for me. I believe in one thing if you are capable, with passion,healthy, and hard working never stop. Age is just a number, we the seniors can still contributebour prior knowledge to the society. Well done. Hire.Seniors.

Richard Neoh - July 30, 2021

I am a 75- year old pensioner (teacher /MoEdn official).

I am looking for a few fully retired seniors who possess computer programming skills to help me create (online, part time basis- no hurry) a simple digital platform to provide ONLINE one-to-one tutorship for students, & others, either free /sponsored, or at nominal tuition fees.

I will provide the needed investment for this semi-charity project, including remuneration for seniors.

My own ground floor office premise in Old Klang Road is available for contributors meetings when Covid-19 situation returns to near normal.

Can you help?

Richard Neoh

Nandini - July 30, 2021

You have brought up some very relevant & positive points regarding harnessing the wisdom & experience of senior people who have very good expertise in various fields of life.

Puan Sri TD Ampikaipakan - July 30, 2021

Great write up and even greater fir seniors who are healthy , and still can give the young ones a run for their money. The seniors have brains, experience, good manners ( which is seriously lacking in the youth of today) and can still be productive for the country. This is a wonderful enterprise for seniors.

Tommy - July 30, 2021

This a great initiative. I agree with Mala that many seniors are still very capable of contributing effectively to the economy and society…

Well done..Hire.seniors and ielder

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