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*Free Shipping above RM500 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)
Home Hazard Management for fall

Home Hazard Management for fall

Home Hazard Management for fall

Fall is a common accident among older people in the community.

However, falls is always neglected either by the healthcare professional or family members.

When fall happen, we need to seek for physiotherapist and before this we need to see doctor first for their advice.

Older people is very dangerous to fall

We need to do home evaluation/home hazards management to make sure the home is safe to live

Factors associated with home hazard

  • Education level especially for those education level due to lack of awareness
  • Type of house – double storey house or rumah kampung has most home hazard due to un proper facility.
  • Ethnicity – Chinese has higher level of home hazard through study
  • Numbers of home occupants – if you live with children and grandchildren has higher hazard in the house. Example, step on the toys
  • Financial-people with high income as they afford to hire nurses, maid and then you know how to help older people with risk factors


Home hazards Evaluations

4 assessment can be downloaded from internet and can be used by public

  • I-Hope
  • WeHSA

The highest score will get higher home hazard


Non-OT Home Fast

Door mechanism is too tight

Chair to seat need armrest

Apartment is good home for less home hazard

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