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*Free Shipping above RM500 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)
Home Hazard and Safety Assessment Cases

Home Hazard and Safety Assessment Cases

 A Home Safety Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation. It is designed to enable seniors to live independently and enjoy their accustomed quality of life without danger of hospitalization. As part of our initial assessment, we evaluate the home environment, looking for potential threats to a senior's well-being.

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Make her house fall-safe:

Be on the lookout for household hazards, such as meandering electrical wires, loose rugs, piles in pathways, and dishes or hanging plants that must be be reached with a footstool. Be sure the house is well lighted. Add handrails and grab bars.  

Below is home safety assessment example:

Case 1


  • Previously independent. Stroke with L side weakness. Prone to falls .
  • Aim to strengthen weaken limbs and to be independent again.
  • Now able to mobilise with walker but unsteady gait.
  • Need to see about home physio as well.
  • Power 4 - on L side but poor co-ordination.


  • Install grab bar in toilet and hallway.
  • Stick anti slip sticker on the floor to reduce tendency of falling.
  • Install safety bed rail to prevent fall during sleep.
  • Use shower chair in the toilet.
  • Use walker frame. 


Case 2


  • Mother will return home from hospital after surgery.
  • The mother fall down and cannot use one of her leg.
  • Need to transfer mother from one place to one place (bed to wheelchair, wheelchair to sofa)
  • Don't like to use bedpan and prefer to go to toilet.


  • Use seat carrier to transfer mother from bed to wheelchair, sofa or car.
  • Use transport board to transfer mother from bed to commode pushchair.
  • Get a commode pushchair that can push directly to toilet bowl.


Read 'Room-by-Room Modifications' in our blog for bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and etc.

Arrange for a home safety assessment

home hazard assessment products for senior elderly parents


A home safety assessment calls for a home safety expert, like a occupational therapist, social worker, geriatric care manager, or certified aging-in-place specialist, to come into a home and look for potential fall risks. They suggest improvements and provide a customized home-modification plan to eliminate hazards both inside and outside the home.

Don't let the fear of falling get in the way of aging at home, whether it's you or a loved one.

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