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Living Room Modification for Elderly Parents

Living Room Modification for Elderly Parents

14 Tips on Living Room Modification for Elderly Parents

When your parents lives alone or with you, you can do minor renovations and rearranging to make a house safer and life easier. You may want to ask your parent about the details of his day or hang out with him and observe how he goes about his basic tasks. Does he have trouble holding his razor, operating his phone, walking down stairs, heating up rice, or locking the front door? Does he have a way to get groceries or visit a friend?

Once you know the day's snags, brainstorm solutions. There are all sorts of ways to make cooking more manageable, dressing more doable, exercise more feasible, and free time more entertaining.

We will explain on some useful tips on room-by-room modifications. We start this with living room modification tips below:-

14 Tips on living room modification


#1     Be sure there's a sturdy handrail on each side of any entrance steps. If necessary, add a ramp 

# 2   Install a bench near the front door, where groceries and other bags can be placed while parents manages the  lock. 

#3    Put long handle shoehorn at shoe rack. Then our elderly parents  no need to bend down and can easily wear shoes. 

#4     Remove mat which do not have a non slip backing or are not firmly secured. 


#5 Elderly parents eyes need more light and don't adjust quickly to changes in lighting, so lighting should be bright and evenly distributed.  

#6 Make sure light switches are easy to use and easy to reach. Good to get motion activated light controls. 

#7 Have light bulbs with wattage of at least 75w. 100w frosted light globes are recommended BUT check the light fittings you have allow for this. If not add further light fittings to increase the general lighting in a room.

#8 Ensure that outdoor plant are not preventing light coming in through window.

#9 Ensure that you wear supportive footwear when mobilizing at home - both indoor and outdoor.


#10 Clear walkways of extension cords or telephone cords.

#11 Remove and rearrange furniture that protrude into the main walkways or obstructs the room.

#12 Repair any floor coverings that are not fitted securely or that are torn and worn badly.

Living Aids

#13    If our elderly parents have a very limited lifting ability and weak hand to pick up items. Use Reacher Aktiv with hook to grab book, bottle on the floor. There is magnet at the hook and can easily get key, needle easily.

#14   Recliner geriatric chair that features high-density foam cushioning, suitable for those who sit for longer period of time as can recline to different position with greater comfort. Perfectly made for the family.

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