Products Can Help Seniors Maintain Their Independence (Toilet)

As activities of daily living (ADLs) become more challenging, assistive devices may be used to extend a senior’s independence. Evaluate the current living environment to assess if any of the following items could be used to make a senior’s home safer and more accessible.

1. Anti Slip Flooring 

Fall happens very often in the toilet due to slippery is most senior concern. Now we have special anti slip treatment to your existing tiles in the toilet and make it an anti slip flooring without changing tiles. Not only anti slip feature, the treatment to the floor also can get rid of fungus.

anti slip flooring

2. Grab Bar

Whether they are installed in a shower, staircase, or hallway wall, grab bars offer seniors a safe way to move around while also fostering independence.

grab bar

3. Commode wheelchair

Ideal for the senior to assist in mobility and transportation throughout a house or hospital. Focusing on comfort, this chair makes showering and self-care more accessible.


commode wheelchair 



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