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*Free Shipping above RM500 for West Malaysia (T&C applies)
Helping Seniors be Safe and Independent in the Bedroom

Helping Seniors be Safe and Independent in the Bedroom

Seniors prefer Aging in Place. It`s a given and there are many reasons to support this.  Firstly, there is this feeling of wanting to maintain their personal independence, being comfortable with their familiar setting and routines – “Home is where the heart is” as the saying goes, being assured of a healthier and safer environment and finally being able to manage the costs of staying at home. Nothing beats this and it is important to make life easier for older adults as they age. As the needs of seniors can change quickly the key is to keep an eye for the early signs of any struggles they face and to be able to act in a timely manner.

 So, who says the elderly cannot live independently as they age? Arming them with comfort products is the first step to a user-friendly navigation around their bedroom. Let`s start with identifying the "Must Have" Products and give them the independence they deserve.


Let’s start with the Comfort Wood Electrical Bed 

Imagine the extreme comfort you feel when lying on an adjustable electric bed, especially when the persistent body and joint pains are no more. A perfect way to take a nap or watch your favourite TV shows. This unique lifestyle electric reclining bed is made of solid wood, with fine workmanship giving it the classic look and feel. With this luxurious bed you can feel the warmth as you snuggle in and take control of your sleeping position to suit your requirements and preferences. The motor system is of high quality and hails from Germany promising a strong and safe structure for safe operation and protection. A wonderful addition to any bedroom - simple, strong, and stylish. With a mattress specifically designed to suit the natural curves and contours of your body, this bed is designed for lifestyle use.

This product has been exported to Japan, Taiwan, and Korea for more than 10 years. There has been a demand for this bed in Japan and we have successfully delivered these having passed all the stringent & safety requirements needed. The Electrical & Endurance Japan qualified test was obtained along with the Japanese stationery safety inspection report. Easily packed in 4 boxes, you can install it yourself just like the IKEA way.

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The Sweden Etac Swift Commode

The Etac Swift commode is a three-in-one product with many smart functions. Very comfortable and is discreetly placed in the bedroom. The seat pad conceals a removable pan with a secure lid that locks automatically when lifted. Swift Commode can be set with a slight anterior tilt to facilitate standing up. The soft seat and back support paddings come as standard. It can be used as a shower chair too or as a freestanding toilet seat raiser. The soft ferrules give an excellent grip on all surfaces. With easy cleaning it is so easy to detach and is non-corroding. Swift Commode comes flat-packed and is easy to assemble and height-adjust, without using any tools.

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The Sweden Etac Reacher Aktiv with Hook

If you have weak hands and very limited lifting ability there`s a “Reacher” you can depend on. Say Hello to the Etac Reacher Aktiv which comes with a power grip and hook to make reaching and gripping easier. It is lightweight with ergonomically designed handles and wide opening jaws. The jaws of this product are lined with a textured rubber cushion on the inside to help grip items securely and it allows you to pick items on the floor or any high places effortlessly whether you are in a standing or sitting position. The Etac Reacher has a magnet in the handle to also help pick up small metallic objects. The hook rotation is a 360-degree function, and you can lift loads up to 2 kg.

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The Kawamura Reclining Wheelchair RR60NB

For Health and a Comfortable Lifestyle, the Kawamura reclining wheelchair is safe and secure especially for those with back issues. It is said that the optimal position for the back is a 135°recline as it reduces the overall stress placed on the spine. The Kawamura brand of wheelchairs come with a quality that is par excellence. This reclining model wheelchair is made in Japan and comes with a 44 cm seat width. There is good head support, an adjustable angle of foot treadle and the armrest height can be adjusted. So comfortable to sit and watch the television series in comfort.

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The TREAT-EEZI pressure relief pad


The Treat-Eezi fabric Pressure relief bed sore pad is perfect to help heal stage 2,3 & 4 pressure ulcers or bed sores as they are commonly known. For the elderly who are confined to the bed most of the time, this pressure sore overlay is a completely non-electric product made from polyester fibres. It bends to the shape of the user's body whether they are seated or lying down, while the zero shearing top layer additionally reduces friction.

No more costly electric bills, no more punctures in plastic mattresses and no more noisy pumps. The Treat-Eezi overlay has more benefits to offer.

  • It is breathable, lightweight & a hard-wearing material guaranteed for 2 years.
  • It is comfortable and easy to use and move from bed to chair when needed. 
  • It can be frequently washed and bleached to avoid cross-infection at 80 degrees.
  • It aids better sleep and offers high-risk protection but without the need for maintenance.
  • It lasts longer than the alternating air bed.
  • It is very cost effective over a long-term usage.
  • It requires no electricity, no pumps, or any maintenance contracts.  
  • It remains cooler as it wicks moisture away from the body

 Link to product page.


The Altum View Sentinare 2 Smart Activity Sensor

Worried about your elderly loved ones falling suddenly and hurting themselves? A solution in the form of the unique Altum View Sentinare 2 Smart Activity Sensor comes to the rescue.  It provides the much-needed protection for seniors and patients, and peace of mind for caregivers.  With a built- in AI chip, it detects and analyses human activities showing health trends, sending alerts upon fall emergencies to notify caregivers. What a great piece of equipment as it also monitors the activities of the elderly and identifies the changes to their health conditions.

No worries, respecting privacy is fundamental and so only stick figure animations are transmitted, instead of raw videos. The Altum View can also help physicians to design and adjust treatment plans for patients, and identify certain diseases earlier, such as Parkinson’s, dementia, and depression.  It comes with 5 advantages. It`s an automated fall detection equipment with bedside monitoring, it does smart facial recognition, there`s instant notification and to top it all, its encrypted, secure, and private.

Link to product page.


Silver Pad

Nowadays, most of the elderly prefer to spend time watching TV or movies at home. This will at some point cause the memory of the elderly to get worse as they age. Instead, get them to  lounge and relax with SilverPad in the bedroom, and make it a new “toy” for elders to keep them engaged mind wise. What is a SilverPad?  It is an elder-friendly complete entertainment tablet with a simple interface and curated local content that enables elders to use tablets independently. It allows them to navigate through music, movies, news and even games. The cognitive programme is designed to keep seniors engaged through interesting and stimulating activities and of course to keep their brain healthy and sharpen their mental skills. It sure is a great way to delay the onset of dementia.  

Here are 5 reasons why you should get SilverPad

  • Cognitive games adapted from research conducted on elderly (brain exercise category)
  • Senior friendly Design
  • Multilingual with Voice Overs
  • Asian context
  • Adaptive to their abilities

SilverPad is a great help to get seniors who are not tech-savvy to get started on using a mobile device. 

Link to product page.


Motion Sensor Night Light

One of the biggest risks for seniors and the elderly is falling, which becomes an even greater hazard in the dark. Imagine the challenge of having to get up several times a night to use the bathroom.  With slower reaction times and instability as one grows older, there is a need for proper indoor lighting to be able to function independently.

Motion sensor lighting can be the answer now as it can be placed in the home so that it lights up the walkway and steps up to the porch and makes it easier to see the lock and the doorknob. This type of lighting can help prevent falls due to tripping hazards or sharp corners that need to be avoided. Perfect in the bedroom leading to the bathroom, this motion sensor night light is a wireless night lamp with motion sensor activation. No worries about wastage of charges in the mornings as they are only activated if the surroundings are dark and there are movements. No batteries are needed. A one-time charge of the lamp with a USB cable and you have a 3-month uninterrupted light supply. What`s great is that it has a fast-charging feature for convenience and when the charge is low an indicator light comes on to remind you to charge again.

The lamp will automatically turn off around 30 seconds as you walk away and with the magnetic strips that has been included with the lamp, it can be placed almost anywhere around your house, be it the living room, next to your bed or even in the kitchen cabinet. So convenient especially for the elderly and even small children. The purchase comes with 4 units in a box as we know the customers will use it at many places as possible.

Link to product page.


Famica Fall Prevention Safety Bedrail

The Famica Fall Prevention Safety Bedrail is ideal in the bedroom of the loved one as there are no more worries about your dependents falling off the bed. You can rest easy now  as it is perfect for users who need extra support getting in and out of the bed. Joint pain, decreased flexibility, restless sleep, morning stiffness and issues with bed space are common side effects of aging and so the bed rail is a boon for those afflicted to combat the bed mobility challenges.

The Famica Bed Rail is so easy to assemble as no tools are required. To fold the bed rail for easy access is done by a simple unlock design. There is a safety hook that secures the bed rail to the frame of any home or hospital bed. No fear of the mattress slipping away as the strong straps make it so secure. How safe that is and what's more the foamed handle provides a very comfortable gripping surface. The Famica Bed Rail is reversible and so can be installed on either side of the bed. No worries about the height, as there are two height adjustments to fit the different mattresses. To provide comfort there are thinner metal bars under the mattress.

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OCA H2C Water Mattress

What comfort for your parents the OCA water mattress can give as it ensures all body parts are evenly supported and pressure relieving? The investment is worth it as it imparts the optimum comfort of the Classic Waterbed as its firmness and softness is adjustable according to individual body weight requirements. It is 100% anti dust mite, anti-fungal and anti-bacteria. No worries here about it being non hygienic. The cooling sensation is unbelievable and promotes prevents body hear relief.

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