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4 Recommended exercise equipments to improve muscular endurance and cognitive as you age

4 Recommended exercise equipments to improve muscular endurance and cognitive as you age

 As you get older, it's natural to experience creaky joints, stiff muscles, and aches and pains. However, neglecting to maintain muscular endurance—your muscles' ability to perform repeated contractions against a resistance for an extended period—could spell trouble for your golden years. Fortunately, muscular endurance exercises can help fix bad posture, improve stability, enhance your muscles' aerobic capacity, and maintain your ability to carry out daily activities, according to ACE Fitness. 



1. Gait Training System

The Gait Training System (GTS) is composed of a walking Rail, M-Sling, and M-Suit, and its main function is to prevent falls.

GTS guides elders or patients with chronic disabilities to do various functional activity of daily living in hospitals and rehabilitation centers effectively.

The main uses of the GTS are in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, elderly welfare centers, and facilities for the disabled.

Group therapeutic exercise system can let many users can have training at the same time.

By using our GTS, which has mainly two functions: one for relaxation/strengthening exercise for those patient who need it and the next is for improving their balance and walking. Dependending the condition of the patient, it’s help for their improvement

gait training system for elderly senior

Gait training system for group exercise

gait training exercise for senior day care center iElder

gait training exercise physio

exercise for senior day care center old folks home

Why choose Marpe GTS (Gait Training System)?

  • GTS is a unique method to train patients who feel difficult to walk independently.
  • GTS provides not only Gait training but possible to have functional exercises such as strengthening exercises, Relaxation exercises, stretching exercises, etc.
  • GTS is optimized efficiency of time and space use so that several users can have training at the same time
  • Possible on training indoors for adapting to walking outdoor
  • It can be used in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, elderly care centers, nursing homes, and facilities for the disabled.
  • GTS is available in both ceiling and stand types. The GTS stand type can be installed in such places where ceiling installation is not possible.
  • GTS can be customized in any shape and size.
  • Compare to other products GTS M Sling provides a supporting system with two ropes.
  • Marpe provides complete user training to their customer

training gait for senior in old folks home

senior gait system

gait training system for senior day care and old folks home

2. Dream’s Bike (SBT-110)

This is manually-operated rehabilitation exerciser for seniors.  Lower limb muscle strength training and memory training are available for the elderly.
Upper limb training and cognitive are available using motion recognition sensor. 


Dream’s Bike senior training

  • Exercise muscle strength improvement for lower limb
  • Driving on Virtual street
  • Memory Training
  • Delay and prevention of dementia
  • Indoor exercise with safe
  • Driving direction control by handle
  • Driving time, distance, speed, screen enlargement function
  • Endurance training by speed control • Cognitive training(with lower limb exercise)
  • Remote controlled system

dream bike exercise machine

I visited a day care center in Seoul in December 2022 to test this dream bike exercise machine. Throughout the conversation, seniors like to use this bike exercise machine especially seniors can enjoy cycling at their home town's seaside or park by using google earth programme. This is  very good endurance training according to user's pace from 2km per hour and increase it gradually.

For cognitive training plus physical exercise component, there are many instructions given to the users. For example, the machine asked user to turn right at the junction or stop due to red traffic light and etc.    


  • Basic : Computer, TV monitor, Monitor stand frame, Bike, ZigBee module
  • Option : Motion detection sensor, Cognitive Training game program

3. Whole Body Trainer

It is possible to do whole body exercise, assessment of balance ability, cognitive training, training to delay dementia by means of footplate sensors and motion recognition sensor.

exercise machine for seniors


Target user: Seniors with old ages and rehabilitation patients

  • Whole body Motion & Balance Training
  • Cognitive rehab. Training
  • Delay dementia
  • Neuro-guided & Task oriented training
  • Easy to adjust load by changing threshold
  • Constraint induced movement therapyfor faster whole body training & recovery
  • Patient active: Load shifting with self controlled muscle contraction 
  • Game based training for complete mental involvement of the patient
  • Patented: 3 Dimensional balance training,Vertical & horizontal motion of center of mass with load shifting and bearing training§ Safe, comfortable & interesting
  • Advanced Evaluation & treatment
  • Remote controlled system

Product Specifications
Max. allowable weight load : 150kg
Product size : 1370(W) X 2170(L) X 2000(H)mm
Power source : AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption : 90W
Product weight : 130kg

Footplate, computer, TV monitor, monitor cradle, wireless keyboard, motion detecting sensor, weight sensor, game program, user manual

4. Upper Limb Trainer (SBT220)

upper limb trainer exercise machine

It is an exercise trainer capable of improving cognition, balance, and muscle power training for the elderly, able to perform upper limb and whole body training through training contents using motion detection sensor.

Product Specifications
Product size : 560(W) X 600(L) X 1350(H)mm ± 5%
Power source : AC 220~240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption : 190W
Product weight : 30kg

Computer, TV monitor, monitor cradle, wireless keyboard, motion detecting sensor, game program, user manual

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